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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did I hibernate and not know it?

In a spur of the moment decision we headed out to Sea World this afternoon. It's opening weekend for the season... so it's been oh about 2 months since we were there last. The weather was just a little bit warmer. Okay so maybe a whole lot warmer! So much so that I'm questioning if my calendar is right or if we all slept for like a month and didn't realize it. Before we even got in the gate (had to stop and buy a new fun card for Abby for this year and they don't have them at HEB yet) Abby was complaining about it being hot and wanted to stand in the shade while we waited in line to buy her ticket. I think it got all the way up to 91 degrees today.

We didn't waste any time and we headed for the newly revamped Shamu's Happy Harbor which is now the Sesame Street Bay Of Play. It's all gotten a new coat of paint, a new stage for Sesame Street singing shows many times a day (and then the characters mingle and take pictures with everyone), lots more shade and they tripled the spray park area. Besides the spray park (that left me regretting not brining along swim suits - who knew I'd want them in February!) my favorite new feature is the new nets to climb up to the slides. The holes are a lot smaller and even Micah could easily climb this now.
Which of course once he realized that I had to climb up with him and take him down the slide several times. 

They also added back the rides that used to be in the Happy Harbor. They had taken them out last year (everything except for the Shamu roller coaster) and now they are all back and they also added a carousel.
Abby was excited about riding the carousel... until the horse started going up and down. I was standing right between both kids so I was able to reassure her she wasn't going to fall and she ended up enjoying it. I guess she just wasn't expecting that because she's ridden the Shamu roller coaster many times with no fear.
The best part about having season passes and living so close by the Sea World is that we can sit and relax and watch the animals for as long as we want without worrying about hitting all the shows and such since we can just catch them the next time. (Though Abby was really disappointed when we didn't see any of the shows today.) After playing hard and getting hot (did you see Abby's cheeks in the previous picture?) we got a drink and hung out in the shade watching all the seals and sea lions swim around.
I (very carefully) got a picture of Micah looking through the window at the seals. 
We also saw the dolphins, fish and sharks - all of which the kids loved but I put away my camera and just enjoyed it. I think ya'll will end up seeing lots of pictures (though they might be just iphone pictures as that's a whole lot easier to bring along!) of Sea World this year. We are already planning to head back next weekend to see the Jack Hanna show.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A little bit of silly

Beau worked overnight last night so I took that opportunity to take the kids out to breakfast so that he could sleep and not get woken up by the little bits. Once they know Daddy is home (usually because they see his truck out the window) all bets are off for how long I can keep them quiet and away from daddy. They had already woken up early - like so early I didn't even look at the clock because it was still dark as I told Abby to close her eyes and go back to sleep as I closed my eyes and dozed back off. When Micah woke up at 7:15, Abby peeked her eyes at me and I don't think she had ever gone back to sleep. After an episode of Curious George on tv as we cuddled in bed slowly waking up, we got dressed, packed my water bottle for the gym and headed to breakfast. 

Abby had woken up on the silly side of the bed this morning apparently.... she made "eyes" out of her hash browns (or breakfast french fries as she calls them.) But this wouldn't have really happened as we clearly don't play with our food around here. Ha! 
Not a silly bone in this little girls body today... can you tell?
After eating we had the play place to ourselves.... Micah decided to join Abby up in the play structure. That was almost a huge mistake! Abby such a sweet big sister and helped him all the way to the top as he's not quite big enough to totally climb by himself. Once he got up there he was so happy with himself he didn't want to come down. Abby tried many times to show him the slide but he would giggle and go the other way. Finally about 10 minutes later (okay maybe it was only about 5) he decided to come down the stairs with Abby's help. 
Then we headed to Target. They were having a Dr. Seuss story time to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday this week. Since we had time to kill (it always seems like such a big difference between 10 am and 10:30 body combat - most other Saturdays it seems we twiddle our thumbs waiting to head to the gym but it doesn't feel that way on weekdays with 10 am class) we headed there to listen to a story or two. They gave away some goodie bags to the kids - each had a coloring sheet, crayons, a juice box, chickadees (Target's goldfish) and fruit snacks. Both kids loved this and it took most of the first story to convince them to listen to the story instead of wanting to snack on the items in the goodie bag (and they had just eaten breakfast!) Then by the 3rd story Micah was having a terrible two tantrum over mommy not letting him hold the juice box and drink it all by himself. Do you know what happens when you give a toddler a full juice box? They squeeze it all over themselves/you/the floor so I had good reason to try and help him but he wasn't having it so we left all while Micah was voicing his displeasure about not having the juice box. Yikes! 

We arrived at the gym to see the girl scouts set up selling cookies right out front! I joked that my workout was doomed from the start. I convinced Beau to buy me a couple boxes - one of lemon cremes and one thin mints. Beau had to make fun of me for making him buy me cookies (he had the cash) until combat started. That wasn't very nice of him!

Turns out it was a good thing we spent the morning out of the house because when we swung by to pick up Beau for body combat he told me the power had been out since he got up. When we got back from combat it was still out and there were two power trucks on our street working out it. The neighbors said there had been a big explosion boom around 9 am and another one later on. We got power back not long after we had arrived home. The electric company guys said some rats (eek yuck!) had eaten through a cable causing the problem.

Oh if you are interested there is a hoodie giveaway going on at Wild Olives. I have two shirts from them - a Pioneer Woman shirt from her cookbook tour & one of their bible verse tees and I love them. I'd love to win a hoodie as well. You can check it out and enter to win one for yourself while you are there. 

Friday, February 25, 2011


I started this blog way back in December of 2006 - over 4 years ago - to make it easy for family to see pictures of Abby. Since then the blog has changed designs, names, url and we've also moved houses (twice) and added to our family. This post is a monumental one - as it marks the 1000th post I've made since starting this blog. Wow! 
Beau finished this bar exam yesterday (yay!) and now we wait. Both kids slept in this morning... as did  I. Instead of turning off the alarm and getting up, I just might have hit the snooze button instead. That made for a time crunch to get Abby to school in time but we did it.

After preschool and a long nap from Micah we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. I had Abby lay down and I traced her outline. She got up to look at it and was quite thrilled with it. Micah watched me traced Abby and as she got up and started looking at it, he laid down on her outline and started saying "me, me, me!" So cute. It jogged my memory for how when Abby was his age she had a hard time understanding the difference between you and me and she would have said "you, you, you" instead of me at Micah's age.
Abby added smiley faces to the outlines... and had to make sure mommy had an outline on the driveway as well. 
I pulled out the water table for the first time since we put it away in November of last year, cleaned it out from sitting in the garage for a couple months and filled it up. What a blast! Still a little chilly - but fun none the less. 

Afternoons spent staying home, enjoying just playing and being in the moment are really the best! 
{the view from here}

Thanks for sticking around for the last 1000th posts and I hope you'll continue to stick around for many many more! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

happy hour

It doesn't get much better than this. Happy hour at Sonic, two happy (and well!) kids, beautiful weather and a box of brand new sidewalk chalk. 
Love amazon.com - I found a deal on an inexpensive wide-angle/macro attachment for my camera. Being that I didn't pay much for it and the reviews were pretty good I figured I couldn't go wrong with something new to play with.  Abby was searching for snail with a shell in the yard and found this tiny shell to show me.
Abby went to town with the chalk - she drew our little family. Her favorite thing and almost the first thing we have to draw when we have chalk out though is a hopscotch to play.
Over this past weekend Gigi was in town to stay with Abby while Micah and I were out of town. Abby and Gigi played lots of tick-tack-toe so Abby wanted to play more and we played a couple rounds on the driveway. That is until I had to go turn around the plasma car Micah was scooting around on and Abby played a whole game without me and told me she won before I even had a chance to make a move! Whoops!  
Daddy tried to teach Micah the right way to throw a football. He got it right a couple times but he also threw it sideways quite a few times. That's okay - I'm planning on him playing baseball (preferably for LSU) anyway. I'd rather not have to worry about him being tackled. Ha!
It looked a whole lot like fall this afternoon. The wind and rain that came through a couple days ago left a bunch of leaves in our yard. My silly girl decided they should all be in my lap and of course the little bit does just about everything sister does so I ended up with a lap full of leaves.
It's hard to have a bad afternoon when we can get outside and play. It's been a while with sick kids and some very cold weather so it's nice to get back outside. It's especially nice that the little ones are feeling better. Micah still was a little clingy and wanted extra mommy cuddles but I can't blame him because I had to wake him from his nap to pick up Abby from school and I think he could have slept longer if we didn't have to leave.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday random rambling

Micah and I made the long drive back from Ruston yesterday with Grandma & Grandpa. It was a long drive - made longer by the fact that Micah was just miserable 95% of the time he was awake in the truck. That was made a little better by the fact that he slept for 5 (yes 5!) hours of the trip (and amazingly still slept at night!) 

Poor little guy just doesn't feel well still. He's spent most of today being miserable, whiney and not wanting to play or eat. We've spent most of the day at home because of it. Haven't even thought about touching the laundry from the trip yet or anything else that needs doing for that matter. The little guy just wants to sit and cuddle most of the time. 

Our last night in Ruston we went out to the Lady Techsters (La Tech's girls basketball team) game. It was really fun. It was Micah's first time to a basketball game. He's gone to a few baseball games (4 to be exact - all Texas Rangers) but no basketball games. Mostly because I am not usually a big basketball fan but this game was really fun. 
We had some great seats - about 4 rows from the court. For reference I did not have a zoom lens of any kind on my camera here - same lens used to take the picture of Micah above and the players below. We were that close! 
Micah really liked watching the Regal Blues - the girls dance line - they really got his attention when they did their halftime show! Ha! He liked watching the band, cheerleaders and basketball game as well though. It was all very overwhelming for him at first though - especially since we were so close to all of it - but he warmed up and really was having a blast by the end.
Tomorrow Beau starts day one of three of the bar exam.... eek! Big scary test... praying hard it goes well.

One more confession for this Monday... I haven't watched the Bachelor in a long time. Since maybe the second Bachelor? I'm hooked this season though. I really like Emily who has the cutest little 5 year old daughter.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 52: Week 7

I loved the shadows of Micah & Grandpa in this shot as we wandered around the park in downtown Ruston.  The weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed being outside enjoying it between shopping in the cute little shops that make up downtown Ruston. Grandpa & Micah make pretty sweet little buddies. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scarlett's baby shower and crafty cuteness

What a fun day we had today. Busy... but lots of fun! It was a fully day with a morning out and about enjoying the weather and an evening of basketball. Those are all a different post though so you'll have to come back for those. The middle of the day was the main event - with Scarlett (my SIL's) baby shower. I helped out along with 3 of her close friends to put it together. My main contributions included some adorable invitations (if I can say so myself) that I completely forgot to take a picture of before sending out and decorations - like this banner (including the onesies.)

Tech colors to go with the theme of little Rusty's room. 

And of course we have to have a picture of the mommy-to-be. Doesn't she look good? (She's 34 weeks along)

It was a fun shower and I think (and hope!) everyone had a wonderful time. 

And a close up of the banner. I did this one a little different than the ones I've done for the kids birthday parties - with a pennant shape for more of a boyish sports feel. I personally love how it turned out! 
One of the three onesies I made. I think this one is my favorite of the 3. I used the silhouette and the printable iron on transfer paper I have. I love the stuff because I can use it to make such cute shirts but I am disappointed in the quality of the printable transfer paper because it doesn't last. So these are really more for the cuteness of the shower/first wear and then they'll still be cute but they'll crackle some like the superhero and pumpkin shirts I've made for the kids have done. The regular iron material is supposed to be much better quality and I'm planning on ordering some of that - I just have to decide on colors and then I'm limited to what I colors I buy/they sell instead of the option of whatever colors I want to use and print on.


*This post is linked up to the Spring Silhouette blog hop at Craftaholics Annoymous

Friday, February 18, 2011

random ramblings

Last week Abby and Micah found a little friend outside that they watched (and only slightly tortured by trying to pick him up by his tail.) The kids are fascinated by lizards and bugs. Yesterday before Micah and I left to head to my SIL's for her baby shower Abby had found a rolly polly and was ever so excited about. It's been a while since they don't come out as much in the cold weather.
So Micah and I have made the trip with Grandma and Grandpa for a baby shower for my SIL. It was a very long car ride - made longer by the last two hours on a bumpy Louisiana highway. Poor Micah couldn't sleep and would wake up every 30 minutes or so for those last two hours, tired of being in his carseat and tired of the big bumps. By the time we reached the hotel my back was sore from leaning over his seat for those last two hours. In reality though he did so good for such a long trip!

Today after nap though he started running a fever (again as he was running one yesterday morning) and slept most of the afternoon away. After about 4 hours of napping off and on and a dose of motrin he perked up and became the life of the party with everyone watching him. He played 'find the kitty' and tried to get anyone and everyone who was willing to cox my SIL's cat out of his hiding spot so Micah could see him. He even got the cat's toy to dangle in front of him (or almost whack him with,) Then he made up a game bouncing a dice off a phone case into the air then doing it again. He also enjoyed some cake - but only wanting the pieces with the chocolate frosting on it. Once the frosting was eaten and everyone else was stacking their plates, Micah grabbed the plate and gave it to Grandpa to stack with the rest of them.

Tomorrow is Scarlett's shower is tomorrow and I'm so excited about it. I got pretty crafty this past week in preparation for it and I can't wait to see it all together! I am also excited to share the cuteness that I made as I haven't wanted to spoil the surprise!

I'm also missing my little girl though. She's back at home with Daddy and my mom - in good hands but still a little under the weather as well and I feel bad whenever I hear she's sad I'm not there but I know she's in excellent hands!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Monday Abby woke up sick... again. Feverish and not feeling well... poor little girl! Thankfully it looks like we are near the end of this as the fever was much lower the morning (after a night fever free) and was gone again this evening. She was exhausted at bed time but hopefully by morning she will be back to her happy self. Too bad she doesn't have school Friday (teacher conferences) or Monday (President's day) now that she is better! I'm so tired of these germs - we are not used to being sick this often. She's had a few minor colds before but this past month and 1/2 has had more germs, colds, ear infections than the rest of her 4.5 years! I was so sad for her to miss her Valentine's parties both Monday in school and Tuesday in Bible class. Monday she was so upset about it, when I told her she could bring her Valentines on Wed she got this sad look and said "but then it won't be Valentine's day anymore." So of course then I had to bring her Valentine's to school for her because I didn't want her to be sad about it! It all worked out though because both days I brought home a bag of goodies from her friends that really seemed to cheer her up! 

Meanwhile Beau had a pretty good Valentine's day. (And late Christmas since we didn't do presents for each other at Christmas) We picked him up a smoker. Yum! So we've been enjoying some yummy goodness that he smoked for us this week. Micah was a little helper and was watching everything Daddy was doing while putting it together and then once Beau left to go to the store for something to smoke Micah took it upon himself to "finish" putting it together with his little hammer. 
I hope everyone else is having a good week without any germs!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday party fun

On Sunday, before Abby woke up the next morning with a fever, we had a birthday party to go to for a sweet friend's little one's 3rd birthday. It was very busy and Abby was all over the place bouncing and sliding on the bouncer  that they had set up. Micah didn't want to bounce so much so I followed him around to make sure he didn't get in the way of any of the bigger kids. He really enjoyed the sandbox.
He even had a little {girl}friend to play with. You can't really tell from this picture but she's just a little shorter than him and he probably weighs less yet she's a good 8 months younger than him. 
Micah really knew how to enjoy the birthday cupcakes! Surprisingly despite the look of his face he didn't eat much of the cupcake.... just the frosting!