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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine cards & playdate

We had a playdate/craft morning today. I had some work to finish on the invitations I'm working on and my sweet friend invited us over so she could help and the kids could play. She even brought out all sorts of goodies for the kids to make valentine cards. She had the table set up with loads of different things to use on the valentine cards - so much fun!  
Micah of course needed a little help so I helped him glue some heart doilies onto his card and then he went to town wanting to put stickers on his card. 
Abby loved this and especially loved the glitter glue! She decorated her card beautifully! It was so cute seeing all the different ideas they had to use all the different materials on their cards and seeing which things they picked to put on them. 

Stephanie also had some gum drops to thread the gumdrops onto the wire and shape it into a heart which would have been so cute but I think our little ones were just a little too young to really get into that. Once you got a couple gum drops onto the wire it got sticky and hard to push more onto the wire so Abby wasn't really wanting to do more after that. Micah just wanted to stuff them in his mouth of course! Maybe next year we can try that one again because it's really cute! 

Thanks so much Stephanie for setting up such a cute craft for the kids to do today! The cards turned out so cute with all the different materials! 




stephanie rizzo said...

love abbs card, sorry we didnt help much w scarletts invites, but i had fun w u guys

rebecca said...

you can tell those kids had SO much fun with those valentines! :) so cute. I really enjoyed your photos, thanks for sharing!