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Friday, January 21, 2011

Thumbprint Valentine's magnets

I'm constantly wishing I had more magnets on my fridge to display crafts, invitations (especially since we've had lots of birthday parties lately!) our weekly small talk sheet from Bible class with the story & Bible verse. We had some magnets but not nearly enough and half of the ones we had are not strong enough to hold any sort of craft up. I came across this craft earlier in the week through some blog hopping and knew I had to do it! It would solve my magnet problem and I love most any craft that uses my kids prints (thumb, hand, foot - doesn't matter as long as it's frozen in time!) 

Sculpey oven bake clay
round cookie cutter (optional)
Paints & paint brush
hot glue gun  
We started by working the clay in our hands and the kids had fun working with it. It's harder than play dough so harder for them to squish but once it was warmed up a little bit we could flatten it out. We cut out small circles with a cooke cutter out of the clay but you could just flatten into a circle if you wanted. Then I helped each Abby and Micah place their thumb prints in the clay circles to make hearts and into the oven they went. 
After baking we painted the cooled clay circles. I kept Micah's simple and we painted the inner heart to make it stand out. Abby did some different things with hers and painted one of hers entirely pink and did the same as Micah with just the heart on the other two. 
After the paint had a chance to dry I hot glued magnets to the back of them and they were ready to stick on the fridge. I am in love with them! Such an easy craft to do as well! 



rebecca said...

So cute! :) Looks like a lot of fun, my kids would love doing something like this! Thanks for sharing. Rebecca

Aubrey said...

How fun. I just might have to steal it. :)