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Friday, January 28, 2011

thumbprint birds on a branch

This craft idea came from Meet the Dubiens. It was a quick simple craft but with super cute results. Abby did all the painting on hers. I helped Micah by painting his branch and guided him on where to put his thumbprints but he went and added more thumbprints all on his own.


We've had mostly lazy day other than a trip to get some favors from the dollar section at Target for Abby's birthday (in August - planning way ahead!) and a couple things for a 'mommy' craft. Micah's not his normal cheerful shelf - teething isn't treating him too kindly. The rest of us are all kinda stuffy from the mountain cedar in the air so we are quite the pathetic bunch today. I'm hoping we are all feeling better tomorrow as we have a birthday party to go to and we'll be so disappointed if we have to miss it! Now I'm actually considering going to bed before 8:30.

Hope ya'll had more fun on this Friday than we did!


Angie said...

Ohhhh great craft idea! My kids love to paint...they will love doing this :)

We all played outside this afternoon. I am thankful for the time outdoors, but now we are all stuffy with allergies. Yuck!

Leah said...

Love this craft idea! I want to get handprints made on a plate, but not the traditional turkey or whatever, so this gives me a great idea!

Unknown said...

These turned out so cute!