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Monday, January 03, 2011

Outside fun at Gigi's

While we were at Gigi's house we had a couple days of nice weather (and a couple days of rainy/cold days) and the kids were so happy to play outside because the nice neighbors next store invited the kids to play on their play structure (Abby's "house") and trampoline. It was Abby's first time on a trampoline and she seemed to enjoy it. Micah didn't like the trampoline much at all though.
They also really enjoyed the old wagon (aka crayfish home from back when my brother and I were little!) and taking a wagon ride around the block put big smiles on their faces. 

Little bitty Micah decided he wanted to pull the wagon though and got just a little frustrated that he couldn't do it by himself but he also didn't want anyone to help him! 


1 comment :

Tiffany said...

Trampolines are so much fun. I love her pink skirt!