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Monday, January 17, 2011

Our day {in iphone pictures}

This morning we headed to the gym for our combat class. Since today was a holiday the childcare was packed but it also meant the rockwall was open this morning. Abby was thrilled to climb the wall. She's so silly though because about half the time she climbs the wall she'll get halfway up and decide she wants to come down. It's high (compared to her - even though it's the smallest section) and I'm sure that scares her a little but she's climbed all the way to the top several times without any problem! 
We also were surprised by a visit by Uncle Jeremy. He texted us to say that he was coming to visit for lunch (on my parents - thanks Gigi & Pops!) Abby and Micah were both thrilled to see him - even though Abby played shy and ran away giggling at first! When we got to the restaurant Jeremy unbuckled Micah, then Abby wanted him to unbuckle her so I grabbed Micah. Micah didn't go for that and practically threw a fit because he wanted Uncle Jeremy back! Jer showed Abby a cat stacking game on his phone that Abby thought was so fun - I'll have to go look it up for my phone later. 
After nap and quiet time we headed outside to enjoy the {slightly} warmer and finally sunny weather we've had today. With the rain and first real cold week that we've had the past 10 days we haven't spent much time outside playing with the kids new car and all sorts of other fun outside toys! Should I worry that as soon as we start driving down the street in the car Abby announces that we are going to stop at sonic for drinks? Today she ordered them from the drive thru - she asked me what I wanted then ordered "I would like two kids sprites and a large dr. pepper please" and then a "thank you" as she pretends to get the drinks and then passes them out to Micah and I.  It's too cute in a slightly do we really go to Sonic that often way.
We stayed outside until Micah got too cold.  As we rounded up all the toys (bike, scooter, trike, car...) to put them back in the garage, Abby sweetly asked if we could have some hot chocolate to warm up. How could I resist her sweet face? So the little bits sipped on hot chocolate (and hot chocolate mixed with cold milk to make it not so hot chocolate for Micah) while I fixed dinner.
Now they are worn out and sleeping away soundly. Even Honey (our dog) is sleeping soundly (and snoring) since Jeremy brought his puppy Zeus with him and I think Honey ran around and played more than she has in a long time (she's not a puppy - and not a high energy breed of dog to start with either!)

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Martin Luther King day as well. Did ya'll do anything exciting or take it easy and relax?

1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

precious, i love that ur brother surprised u, too cute w the sonic, sorta like brax playing garage sale