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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, the places he won't go

We woke up to what should have been a great morning. We had a play date planned for the morning with friends. Originally it was for Sonic and then the park but a cold front came through this morning meaning the warm weather was gone and it was now 53 degrees, windy and getting colder. So we decided to meet at the library. We haven't been to the library in about 6 months or so (bad mommy confession there!) Between 9-13 months Micah just wanted to pull books off the shelves, run off and was at a point he didn't want to sit and read books. Not an enjoyable library trip - especially when it was upsetting Abby that I couldn't sit and read to her. Now he finally loves books and is pretty good recently at following directions like putting books back on the shelves after reading them and not running off. I was more than ready to give the library a try again. It turned out that there happened to be a story time during the time we planned to meet at the library - perfect! It was a preschooler story time but there were lots of little ones Micah's age (younger siblings - some of which we knew from Bibleland and have been in Micah's class before) there as well.

Well Micah just wasn't having it. As soon as we sat down, Abby was loving it and listening to the story. Micah on the other hand asked for a "nack" and started whining as he dug through the bag (which had no snacks in it since we were at the library) I tried convincing him to nurse but he wanted nothing to do with that and only got louder. Abby thankfully was very understanding when I asked her to come out of the story time room with us while I tried to get Micah's (early) terrible two tantrum under control. We ran into another friend who had just gotten to the library and chatted and Micah seemed to calm down so we decided to head back in. We managed to get through the rest of story time with only a little quiet whining. After the stories and songs were over (really cute story time which I think we may try again and hope for a better mood from Micah) they had a craft set up to go with the stories from the day. Micah of course wanted to participate but only by playing with the glue which meant another tantrum. I showed him the balls, board books and blocks they had taken out for the younger siblings (how awesome they thought of the little ones while the biggers did crafts!) however that barely lasted long enough for Abby to finish her craft before we ended our trip to the library in a full blown tantrum. I'm hoping it was only Micah's mood and not that he is adding the library to the places he doesn't like to go. He was awfully clingy while I was trying to get dressed so I'm hoping that's the case. I guess we'll see the next time we try the library.

He is getting two molars - his top ones - the ones that typically come in around 12 months -  still missing the bottom ones - the ones that typically come in first - so I'm going to use his teething as another excuse for his grumpy mood. Oh if only teething tabs weren't off the market.

Since our morning outing wasn't enough adventure with a moody little guy - we decided to head to HEB after nap. After nap he should have been refreshed and in a better mood right? At least the best I'm going to get when heading to HEB. A place that is at the tippy top of Micah's "I don't want to be there list" I don't know why but Micah really doesn't like going grocery shopping. No matter what timing I use - in the morning, after nap - times he should be in his happy, sweet, good natured mood - he just doesn't like it. Many days - especially if I'm testing his patience going for a quick trip too close to lunch time (like between the gym and lunch) we barely make it out of the produce section (the first part of our store!) without Micah getting restless. Today we were barely even in the store before he started his protesting. I had planned for that with books and snacks because I knew we had to get quite a few groceries as we haven't really grocery shopped in three weeks.* Thankfully we made it though the store today without a big tantrum but there have been days I've been the mom with a screaming kid. A lot of it recently is he wants to eat everything - strawberries, nana's, goldfish before we pay, even though I bring him snacks to eat in the store. I've opened some goldfish for him before but I can't let him eat the fruit before washing or paying for it and the stuff at the store seems to look more appealing to him than anything I can bring him.

*Thankfully Beau works at a grocery store so he'll bring home what we need in most cases but the bigger grocery shopping trips we try to go together or I'll go so he doesn't have to stay too long after work doing a big shopping trip.

Micah is now tucked into bed, sleeping away. I'm praying he wakes in a much better mood tomorrow. These days are pretty rare for the little guy so I have high hopes that this will be gone quickly - well everything except the fact the he doesn't like HEB as that's the case good mood or bad. Bad mood and all he was still so sweet and cuddly and we were all able to enjoy cuddling and reading both at the library and before bed. I love time spent reading with both Abby and Micah.

So that was Micah's moody, tantrum filled day in novel form. How was yours?

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