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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My polka dotted daughter

Unfortunately this isn't quite as funny as the last time she was polka dotted....

This morning we headed out to a playdate and the kids had a fabulous morning playing. However when we got home I noticed that Abby was now covered in a spotty rash. She was fine - no spots other than a mosquito bite she'd had for a couple days - when she got dressed this morning. Yet 2.5 hours later she was covered - body, face, ears, arms, hands, legs and even her feet with a polka dotted rash. Abby was acting sick in the least (except for one very un-Abby comment about wanting to take a nap during quiet time when she never wants to sleep - she changed her mind and wanted to play leapster instead)

Immediately I started thinking about how we had exposed our friends 3 month old and another couple friends one year olds to whatever illness this might be. It looked a lot like chicken pox - and Grandma (a nurse) and the nurses she works with though so too. Except that chicken pox doesn't usually go from no spots to totally covered in such a short time frame. We called the nurse at her pediatricians office and they said to bring her in and they'd triage her and see a nurse to decide if she needed to see the pedi. When we got to the pediatrician it so happened there was an open appointment 20 minutes later so we just waited to see the Dr.

Abby's rash turned out to be pretty confusing because the rash didn't really look like most viral rashes that it could have been and she didn't have any other symptoms to indicate anything like hand, foot and mouth (which is what the Dr. thought her rash looked like at first) and it did come up too quickly for chicken pox. It was finally concluded that it seems to be a reaction to the antibiotic she's been taking for the ear infection she had last week (today is day 10 of the antibiotic) So we picked up a prescription antihistamine and hopefully her spots will be gone in the morning and so we'll know that was truly what that rash is.
She looks miserable but thankfully isn't too bothered by it. (The large red spot is where the bug bites were and they just got much bigger with the appearance of the rash)


Reese&Saige said...

Oh my goodness!! Poor poor thing! I hope she feels better soon.

stephanie rizzo said...

that does look like nate's