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Monday, January 24, 2011

miscellaneous Monday

It was just a pretty ordinary Monday around here. I have to admit I didn't even take my camera out of my camera bag today. Abby went to school, Micah and I hung out cleaning up the weekend mess, folding and putting away loads of laundry. He's my sweet little helper. I picked up one pile of towels and went to put them away, I came back to Micah picking up a towel and he handed it to me "thereyougo" (it's all one word in Micah language - I've got to get that on video!) Then he proceeded to do the same with the other 5 towels in the pile - complete with the "thereyougo" until I had the whole pile in my arms instead of on the floor. Then when I went to put those towels away, he came behind me with the wash cloths and yet another "thereyougo."

I posted Micah's take on teething on his blog. Do your kids typically get their teeth in normal order or have they gotten them out of order? Micah's not only a late teether - he's also decided to get them in a strange order as he's getting some top ones before bottom ones and molars before incisors. Very odd.

Last week I had fun helping my friend cut out some invitations for her soon to be 3 year old's Mickey Mouse birthday party. I can't wait to see the finished result. I have some more crafty stuff planned to do this week for myself both with the kids and after the little ones get to sleep. I hope Micah goes down as easily as he did tonight for the rest of the week so I can get my projects done. Though I guess tomorrow he can (and probably will) stay up as I've got a fun girl's night out planned as the mentor for my mentoring moms group has invited us all to her house for dinner. I can't wait to spend the evening with sweet friends.

Do you have any fun plans for this week?

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