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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ending January with a bang

This past two days has not been how I would have wanted to end the month but at least this means hopefully the new month will bring better things - or at least fewer germs! Saturday night (after we had been at a birthday party - just peachy huh?) Abby started coughing so much that her tummy got upset. I was hopeful it would be a one time thing but it hasn't been. She was fine during the day Sunday but was burning up during the Sunday night and the coughing/upset stomach started again. Today she wasn't herself and tonight her coughing is still going on. Poor darling. As result we've hung around the house and have washed our hands a zillion times. The washing machine is also in overdrive. I've very thankful my parents were so generous to give us their super nice HE washer/drier when they moved to Paris and let us keep them when they got back because I'm loving that sanitary cycle to kill all the germs. I'm trying my hardest to keep everyone else healthy. 
This little guy has enough of his own teething issues I don't want to add a cold/tummy bug whatnot on top of that. Micah hasn't wanted to eat much of anything since Thursday. I'm starting to get worried. He's not even on the chart as it is and him barely eating besides some yogurt, a little bit of fruit, maybe a couple bites of whatever other food and mainly just lots of mama milk will not cut it for him to gain any weight. I've even tried some instant breakfast (basically the same as pediasure) to get some calories into him but he didn't want to drink it. He was woken up in the middle of the night last night from one of Abby's coughing spells and I guess that left him a little tired. We were also hanging out downstairs watching tv (we did a bit lot more of that than usual in the past two days) waiting for Beau to get back from the gym as well as getting more yogurt and motrin and he climbed into my lap to nurse. Before I knew it he was asleep - a little over an hour before normal naptime. I just let him keep sleeping and Beau was nice enough to bring my lunch to me in the big comfy rocking chair so I could eat and keep rocking the sweet sleeping baby. I managed to not spill too much of my lunch on him. 

Thank goodness we've already got a visit with the pediatrician scheduled to recheck Abby's ear from the ear infection she had earlier this month. We seem to have gotten all our sick germs for the year (hopefully - knock on wood!) in one month. We've gone years before without having to have a single sick visit to the pediatrician and tomorrow will make two already. In fact this will really only be the 4th sick visit to the pediatrician in Abby's life and she's 4.5. 

Here's to hoping February brings us less germs! 

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