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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crafting, shopping and sore muscles

After dropping Abby at school, Micah and I headed out to Hobby Lobby. Thankfully craft stores don't elicit the same strong dislike for Micah that HEB does. We were even able to browse around a little while. We made it to the paper isle and I was able to find the paper I needed for some invitations I'm making. Of course I also found a couple other things to do a couple of the crafts on my "I'd love to make that some day" list.
Micah and I then hit the mall because I had a 40% of coupon for Gap and had been eyeing some new jeans for a while now. (Also eyeing some boots but I don't have a coupon for those!) The first store didn't have them in the right size so we headed to a different mall that had the right size and I was able to get my jeans! All the shopping wore Micah out as he fell asleep on the way home, which pushed his nap back a little but he still took a long nap (2 1/2 hours) and didn't wake until late afternoon. 

Since I hadn't hit the gym in the morning I decided to head to the body pump class in the evening. After getting the kids some dinner, I was able to leave them with daddy to get ready for bed while I worked out. Can I just say ouch! I used to take the combat class regularly for Micah's first year, since they changed the gym schedule in August it just hasn't worked for me to make it to a Pump class - which was fine because by then I had gotten over my intimidation of Combat and loving that class. Tonight I got my weights, bench and everything ready and started with the same weight I was used to do when I went regularly. The warm up went fine but when I added weight for the squat track the pain began. The third track was the back track and you have to bend your knees some to do the rows properly - my legs were seriously shaking from the squat track! But I made it through! I had to.... We've got a birthday party to go to this weekend at a pool so I've got to get into my swim suit.... in January! Plus I now have new jeans I want to look good in! 

This evening, my sore muscles and I, sat ourselves down on the floor with one of my favorite toys, the  Silhouette. I started cutting out some die cuts for some party invitations and oh goodness they look adorable and I'm not even halfway done with them. I'm so excited about how these are going to look! I can only hope everyone else thinks they are half as cute as I think they are! I'll share more (and better) pictures of them when it's not night time and I have them put together. 


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