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Saturday, January 08, 2011

bounce house and birthday cake

Today was round 1 of the birthday party extravaganza that seems to be what the next few weeks are looking to be with all the invitations we have around here! Today was a party for a girl in Abby's preschool class. There was a giant bounce house that had an attached slide that Abby loved. (Apparently during the summer it can be made into a water slide as well - very cool!) I think Abby spent about 2 hours bouncing, sliding, and swinging on the swing set they had in the backyard as well. She really seemed to enjoy seeing her friends and playing with them. It was fun for me to see her play with her school friends since I only see her with them at drop off, pick up and school parties. 
I also learned that I shouldn't let Abby pick her own outfits for parties. I probably could have guessed that it was likely there just might be a bounce house at a birthday party that was happening at the family's house and had I taken a minute to think about what Abby had chosen to wear I would have realized it wasn't a smart choice. A dress + bounce house & slide = a party outfit fail. I really need to invest in some monkey bar buddies  (or at least be able to actually find some bike shorts in Abby's size somewhere!) 

Grandma and Grandpa were very nice to watch Micah while we were at the party for which I am very thankful because I think it would have been quite stressful for me to have him there since I think he would have wanted to be up on the bounce house and swing set the whole time in the way of the much bigger kids and worrying me that he was going to get hurt (in addition to sleepy and possibly cranky!) 

The weather for the party started out perfect, it was warm enough to be totally comfortable outside and sunny. As the afternoon progressed the cold front really started to blow through and it got cloudy with cold wind! The next couple days are supposed to be rainy and cold - at least it will feel like winter right? Too bad the little ones don't sleep in like I'll want to do in the cold, dreariness that will be tomorrow morning. 

We headed straight from the party, to pick up Micah then headed to Church where I worked in the nursery. I got to take care of the sweetest little 4 month old tonight. Eek... baby fever! I guess that's why I work the baby room so I can get my fill of the little tiny ones for now - though we don't usually have too many of the tiny ones - usually more in the 7-12 month group. At that age they aren't so much smaller than Micah with how tiny he is! Ha! Soon my friend will hopefully bring her little one so I'll get to watch him as well. :) 

Tomorrow we have a kick off Orange Rally for the new semester of the Orange curriculum at Church so yet another busy day but I'm excited about this as these meetings always have an excellent message! 

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