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Monday, January 31, 2011

A month in photos: January

Rebecca from Simple As That put together this super cute template to use for a Month in Photos collage. I think this is such a neat way to remember each month and will be great to look back on at the end of the year! 

1. Abby and Micah spent lots of time driving around in their mini-cooper power wheels that they got for Christmas. Every nice day we had that we could go outside we did. 
2 & 3. I bought Micah a tie for Valentines and took some pictures the day it came in the mail. Love them! 
4. We went to Sea World the last day they were open for the 2010 year (the first weekend in January) and watched the Sesame Street show which the kids love! 
5. Abby (and Micah) had a blast making valentines at a play date with our friends. 

Ending January with a bang

This past two days has not been how I would have wanted to end the month but at least this means hopefully the new month will bring better things - or at least fewer germs! Saturday night (after we had been at a birthday party - just peachy huh?) Abby started coughing so much that her tummy got upset. I was hopeful it would be a one time thing but it hasn't been. She was fine during the day Sunday but was burning up during the Sunday night and the coughing/upset stomach started again. Today she wasn't herself and tonight her coughing is still going on. Poor darling. As result we've hung around the house and have washed our hands a zillion times. The washing machine is also in overdrive. I've very thankful my parents were so generous to give us their super nice HE washer/drier when they moved to Paris and let us keep them when they got back because I'm loving that sanitary cycle to kill all the germs. I'm trying my hardest to keep everyone else healthy. 
This little guy has enough of his own teething issues I don't want to add a cold/tummy bug whatnot on top of that. Micah hasn't wanted to eat much of anything since Thursday. I'm starting to get worried. He's not even on the chart as it is and him barely eating besides some yogurt, a little bit of fruit, maybe a couple bites of whatever other food and mainly just lots of mama milk will not cut it for him to gain any weight. I've even tried some instant breakfast (basically the same as pediasure) to get some calories into him but he didn't want to drink it. He was woken up in the middle of the night last night from one of Abby's coughing spells and I guess that left him a little tired. We were also hanging out downstairs watching tv (we did a bit lot more of that than usual in the past two days) waiting for Beau to get back from the gym as well as getting more yogurt and motrin and he climbed into my lap to nurse. Before I knew it he was asleep - a little over an hour before normal naptime. I just let him keep sleeping and Beau was nice enough to bring my lunch to me in the big comfy rocking chair so I could eat and keep rocking the sweet sleeping baby. I managed to not spill too much of my lunch on him. 

Thank goodness we've already got a visit with the pediatrician scheduled to recheck Abby's ear from the ear infection she had earlier this month. We seem to have gotten all our sick germs for the year (hopefully - knock on wood!) in one month. We've gone years before without having to have a single sick visit to the pediatrician and tomorrow will make two already. In fact this will really only be the 4th sick visit to the pediatrician in Abby's life and she's 4.5. 

Here's to hoping February brings us less germs! 

I heart faces | Best Face Photo in January

My sweet happy boy


Sunday, January 30, 2011

the simple things

Abby dug a pool towel out of the swim bag before the birthday pool party we went to this weekend and decided to pretend that she and Micah were at the beach in the living room. To go along with her sweet little imagination we had a picnic lunch on the towels in the living room. Abby was so thrilled she jumped up and gave me a hug and said "thank you mommy!" That just made my heart melt. (She didn't want her picture taken though so one of Micah will have to do!) 

To see more simple things head over to Rebecca Cooper's blog:


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 52: Week 4

{Soothing Repetition} 

I love listening to the sweet sleeping baby during nap time. Some days it's so soothing I get sleepy during nap! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

thumbprint birds on a branch

This craft idea came from Meet the Dubiens. It was a quick simple craft but with super cute results. Abby did all the painting on hers. I helped Micah by painting his branch and guided him on where to put his thumbprints but he went and added more thumbprints all on his own.


We've had mostly lazy day other than a trip to get some favors from the dollar section at Target for Abby's birthday (in August - planning way ahead!) and a couple things for a 'mommy' craft. Micah's not his normal cheerful shelf - teething isn't treating him too kindly. The rest of us are all kinda stuffy from the mountain cedar in the air so we are quite the pathetic bunch today. I'm hoping we are all feeling better tomorrow as we have a birthday party to go to and we'll be so disappointed if we have to miss it! Now I'm actually considering going to bed before 8:30.

Hope ya'll had more fun on this Friday than we did!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine cards & playdate

We had a playdate/craft morning today. I had some work to finish on the invitations I'm working on and my sweet friend invited us over so she could help and the kids could play. She even brought out all sorts of goodies for the kids to make valentine cards. She had the table set up with loads of different things to use on the valentine cards - so much fun!  
Micah of course needed a little help so I helped him glue some heart doilies onto his card and then he went to town wanting to put stickers on his card. 
Abby loved this and especially loved the glitter glue! She decorated her card beautifully! It was so cute seeing all the different ideas they had to use all the different materials on their cards and seeing which things they picked to put on them. 

Stephanie also had some gum drops to thread the gumdrops onto the wire and shape it into a heart which would have been so cute but I think our little ones were just a little too young to really get into that. Once you got a couple gum drops onto the wire it got sticky and hard to push more onto the wire so Abby wasn't really wanting to do more after that. Micah just wanted to stuff them in his mouth of course! Maybe next year we can try that one again because it's really cute! 

Thanks so much Stephanie for setting up such a cute craft for the kids to do today! The cards turned out so cute with all the different materials! 



Crafting, shopping and sore muscles

After dropping Abby at school, Micah and I headed out to Hobby Lobby. Thankfully craft stores don't elicit the same strong dislike for Micah that HEB does. We were even able to browse around a little while. We made it to the paper isle and I was able to find the paper I needed for some invitations I'm making. Of course I also found a couple other things to do a couple of the crafts on my "I'd love to make that some day" list.
Micah and I then hit the mall because I had a 40% of coupon for Gap and had been eyeing some new jeans for a while now. (Also eyeing some boots but I don't have a coupon for those!) The first store didn't have them in the right size so we headed to a different mall that had the right size and I was able to get my jeans! All the shopping wore Micah out as he fell asleep on the way home, which pushed his nap back a little but he still took a long nap (2 1/2 hours) and didn't wake until late afternoon. 

Since I hadn't hit the gym in the morning I decided to head to the body pump class in the evening. After getting the kids some dinner, I was able to leave them with daddy to get ready for bed while I worked out. Can I just say ouch! I used to take the combat class regularly for Micah's first year, since they changed the gym schedule in August it just hasn't worked for me to make it to a Pump class - which was fine because by then I had gotten over my intimidation of Combat and loving that class. Tonight I got my weights, bench and everything ready and started with the same weight I was used to do when I went regularly. The warm up went fine but when I added weight for the squat track the pain began. The third track was the back track and you have to bend your knees some to do the rows properly - my legs were seriously shaking from the squat track! But I made it through! I had to.... We've got a birthday party to go to this weekend at a pool so I've got to get into my swim suit.... in January! Plus I now have new jeans I want to look good in! 

This evening, my sore muscles and I, sat ourselves down on the floor with one of my favorite toys, the  Silhouette. I started cutting out some die cuts for some party invitations and oh goodness they look adorable and I'm not even halfway done with them. I'm so excited about how these are going to look! I can only hope everyone else thinks they are half as cute as I think they are! I'll share more (and better) pictures of them when it's not night time and I have them put together. 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

memory & a girls night out

After a Bible class, a long naptime for Micah, and a couple rounds of memory with Abby (played with a mini-deck of playing cards Abby really wanted to play with) I left to have a girls night out. The wonderful mentor from my mentoring moms group invited us all over for dinner. It was a wonderful evening spent eating some yummy food and more importantly chatting and enjoying a rare evening without little ones (except for the sweet nurslings.) I had such an enjoyable evening. Beau even had a pretty pleasant evening at home with the little ones. I would have lost the bet on who would be asleep by the time I got home though. Abby was still awake but Micah was sacked out and absolutely adorable curled up sleeping next to Daddy in the big comfy chair.  Abby only took a hug and a kiss and she joined Micah in dreamland.... somewhere that I should head soon. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

miscellaneous Monday

It was just a pretty ordinary Monday around here. I have to admit I didn't even take my camera out of my camera bag today. Abby went to school, Micah and I hung out cleaning up the weekend mess, folding and putting away loads of laundry. He's my sweet little helper. I picked up one pile of towels and went to put them away, I came back to Micah picking up a towel and he handed it to me "thereyougo" (it's all one word in Micah language - I've got to get that on video!) Then he proceeded to do the same with the other 5 towels in the pile - complete with the "thereyougo" until I had the whole pile in my arms instead of on the floor. Then when I went to put those towels away, he came behind me with the wash cloths and yet another "thereyougo."

I posted Micah's take on teething on his blog. Do your kids typically get their teeth in normal order or have they gotten them out of order? Micah's not only a late teether - he's also decided to get them in a strange order as he's getting some top ones before bottom ones and molars before incisors. Very odd.

Last week I had fun helping my friend cut out some invitations for her soon to be 3 year old's Mickey Mouse birthday party. I can't wait to see the finished result. I have some more crafty stuff planned to do this week for myself both with the kids and after the little ones get to sleep. I hope Micah goes down as easily as he did tonight for the rest of the week so I can get my projects done. Though I guess tomorrow he can (and probably will) stay up as I've got a fun girl's night out planned as the mentor for my mentoring moms group has invited us all to her house for dinner. I can't wait to spend the evening with sweet friends.

Do you have any fun plans for this week?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thumbprint Valentine's magnets

I'm constantly wishing I had more magnets on my fridge to display crafts, invitations (especially since we've had lots of birthday parties lately!) our weekly small talk sheet from Bible class with the story & Bible verse. We had some magnets but not nearly enough and half of the ones we had are not strong enough to hold any sort of craft up. I came across this craft earlier in the week through some blog hopping and knew I had to do it! It would solve my magnet problem and I love most any craft that uses my kids prints (thumb, hand, foot - doesn't matter as long as it's frozen in time!) 

Sculpey oven bake clay
round cookie cutter (optional)
Paints & paint brush
hot glue gun  
We started by working the clay in our hands and the kids had fun working with it. It's harder than play dough so harder for them to squish but once it was warmed up a little bit we could flatten it out. We cut out small circles with a cooke cutter out of the clay but you could just flatten into a circle if you wanted. Then I helped each Abby and Micah place their thumb prints in the clay circles to make hearts and into the oven they went. 
After baking we painted the cooled clay circles. I kept Micah's simple and we painted the inner heart to make it stand out. Abby did some different things with hers and painted one of hers entirely pink and did the same as Micah with just the heart on the other two. 
After the paint had a chance to dry I hot glued magnets to the back of them and they were ready to stick on the fridge. I am in love with them! Such an easy craft to do as well! 


Random Ramblings

1. Check it out....
I finally got a fancy url for the blog. Don't worry you don't have to change your bookmarks if you don't want to but in the next day or so you should be redirected from www.abbygrace81.blogspot.com to www.texastigersblog.com automatically. Cool huh? 

2. It was freezing this morning. Yet I dragged myself out of bed and went to Body Combat. It was the second time with the new release of Body Combat 46. Oh goodness a new release is just brutal. I could feel the soreness from Wednesday and just added to it. And because I'm feeling crazy I think I'll probably go again tomorrow morning. Track 6 is killer on the legs yet it's my upper back from the elbows in track 7 that really are leaving me sore! I was however happy I made the right choice in going to combat over the strength and conditioning class that meets at the same time when I saw them running outside in the freezing weather. 

3. Micah was much better today after his meltdowns yesterday! The only time he got a little clingy was when I was trying to cook dinner and he was hungry - which is pretty normal. 

Anyone have exciting weekend plans? This is our one weekend this month with no plans. Should be full of relaxing... and maybe some folding of the laundry that I've been catching up on. 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, the places he won't go

We woke up to what should have been a great morning. We had a play date planned for the morning with friends. Originally it was for Sonic and then the park but a cold front came through this morning meaning the warm weather was gone and it was now 53 degrees, windy and getting colder. So we decided to meet at the library. We haven't been to the library in about 6 months or so (bad mommy confession there!) Between 9-13 months Micah just wanted to pull books off the shelves, run off and was at a point he didn't want to sit and read books. Not an enjoyable library trip - especially when it was upsetting Abby that I couldn't sit and read to her. Now he finally loves books and is pretty good recently at following directions like putting books back on the shelves after reading them and not running off. I was more than ready to give the library a try again. It turned out that there happened to be a story time during the time we planned to meet at the library - perfect! It was a preschooler story time but there were lots of little ones Micah's age (younger siblings - some of which we knew from Bibleland and have been in Micah's class before) there as well.

Well Micah just wasn't having it. As soon as we sat down, Abby was loving it and listening to the story. Micah on the other hand asked for a "nack" and started whining as he dug through the bag (which had no snacks in it since we were at the library) I tried convincing him to nurse but he wanted nothing to do with that and only got louder. Abby thankfully was very understanding when I asked her to come out of the story time room with us while I tried to get Micah's (early) terrible two tantrum under control. We ran into another friend who had just gotten to the library and chatted and Micah seemed to calm down so we decided to head back in. We managed to get through the rest of story time with only a little quiet whining. After the stories and songs were over (really cute story time which I think we may try again and hope for a better mood from Micah) they had a craft set up to go with the stories from the day. Micah of course wanted to participate but only by playing with the glue which meant another tantrum. I showed him the balls, board books and blocks they had taken out for the younger siblings (how awesome they thought of the little ones while the biggers did crafts!) however that barely lasted long enough for Abby to finish her craft before we ended our trip to the library in a full blown tantrum. I'm hoping it was only Micah's mood and not that he is adding the library to the places he doesn't like to go. He was awfully clingy while I was trying to get dressed so I'm hoping that's the case. I guess we'll see the next time we try the library.

He is getting two molars - his top ones - the ones that typically come in around 12 months -  still missing the bottom ones - the ones that typically come in first - so I'm going to use his teething as another excuse for his grumpy mood. Oh if only teething tabs weren't off the market.

Since our morning outing wasn't enough adventure with a moody little guy - we decided to head to HEB after nap. After nap he should have been refreshed and in a better mood right? At least the best I'm going to get when heading to HEB. A place that is at the tippy top of Micah's "I don't want to be there list" I don't know why but Micah really doesn't like going grocery shopping. No matter what timing I use - in the morning, after nap - times he should be in his happy, sweet, good natured mood - he just doesn't like it. Many days - especially if I'm testing his patience going for a quick trip too close to lunch time (like between the gym and lunch) we barely make it out of the produce section (the first part of our store!) without Micah getting restless. Today we were barely even in the store before he started his protesting. I had planned for that with books and snacks because I knew we had to get quite a few groceries as we haven't really grocery shopped in three weeks.* Thankfully we made it though the store today without a big tantrum but there have been days I've been the mom with a screaming kid. A lot of it recently is he wants to eat everything - strawberries, nana's, goldfish before we pay, even though I bring him snacks to eat in the store. I've opened some goldfish for him before but I can't let him eat the fruit before washing or paying for it and the stuff at the store seems to look more appealing to him than anything I can bring him.

*Thankfully Beau works at a grocery store so he'll bring home what we need in most cases but the bigger grocery shopping trips we try to go together or I'll go so he doesn't have to stay too long after work doing a big shopping trip.

Micah is now tucked into bed, sleeping away. I'm praying he wakes in a much better mood tomorrow. These days are pretty rare for the little guy so I have high hopes that this will be gone quickly - well everything except the fact the he doesn't like HEB as that's the case good mood or bad. Bad mood and all he was still so sweet and cuddly and we were all able to enjoy cuddling and reading both at the library and before bed. I love time spent reading with both Abby and Micah.

So that was Micah's moody, tantrum filled day in novel form. How was yours?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Enjoying the weather

Such a beautiful day today! During Bible class we were able to stay outside swinging on the play ground with the babies in our class for a good 45 minutes it was so nice out! After nap it was just too nice a day not to go out and play at home. 
It was just too adorable to watch both kids ride their trike/balance trike together. They've been such sweet playmates lately and I'm really enjoying watching their little friendship. 


Monday, January 17, 2011

Our day {in iphone pictures}

This morning we headed to the gym for our combat class. Since today was a holiday the childcare was packed but it also meant the rockwall was open this morning. Abby was thrilled to climb the wall. She's so silly though because about half the time she climbs the wall she'll get halfway up and decide she wants to come down. It's high (compared to her - even though it's the smallest section) and I'm sure that scares her a little but she's climbed all the way to the top several times without any problem! 
We also were surprised by a visit by Uncle Jeremy. He texted us to say that he was coming to visit for lunch (on my parents - thanks Gigi & Pops!) Abby and Micah were both thrilled to see him - even though Abby played shy and ran away giggling at first! When we got to the restaurant Jeremy unbuckled Micah, then Abby wanted him to unbuckle her so I grabbed Micah. Micah didn't go for that and practically threw a fit because he wanted Uncle Jeremy back! Jer showed Abby a cat stacking game on his phone that Abby thought was so fun - I'll have to go look it up for my phone later. 
After nap and quiet time we headed outside to enjoy the {slightly} warmer and finally sunny weather we've had today. With the rain and first real cold week that we've had the past 10 days we haven't spent much time outside playing with the kids new car and all sorts of other fun outside toys! Should I worry that as soon as we start driving down the street in the car Abby announces that we are going to stop at sonic for drinks? Today she ordered them from the drive thru - she asked me what I wanted then ordered "I would like two kids sprites and a large dr. pepper please" and then a "thank you" as she pretends to get the drinks and then passes them out to Micah and I.  It's too cute in a slightly do we really go to Sonic that often way.
We stayed outside until Micah got too cold.  As we rounded up all the toys (bike, scooter, trike, car...) to put them back in the garage, Abby sweetly asked if we could have some hot chocolate to warm up. How could I resist her sweet face? So the little bits sipped on hot chocolate (and hot chocolate mixed with cold milk to make it not so hot chocolate for Micah) while I fixed dinner.
Now they are worn out and sleeping away soundly. Even Honey (our dog) is sleeping soundly (and snoring) since Jeremy brought his puppy Zeus with him and I think Honey ran around and played more than she has in a long time (she's not a puppy - and not a high energy breed of dog to start with either!)

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Martin Luther King day as well. Did ya'll do anything exciting or take it easy and relax?