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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa visit

This evening the kids and I went out to visit Santa. We had headed out earlier and picked up a pass that gave us a time to come back to make the wait shorter. We had a little dinner date at Chick-fil-a nearby and got to Santa's Wonderland about 6:50. Within a few minutes we were in line with our 7 pm pass. We only had about 5 people in front of us and it went fast. Soon enough it was our turn. During the time we had to wait between picking up our pass and that it was our turn I wondered in my head how this was going to go. Last year Abby didn't want to go near Santa - the only way she went near him was with Daddy holding her. Yet this year she was saying she did want to sit on his lap and she was upset and confused why we didn't get to see him when we picked up our pass. Although I knew what she was saying I was still wondering if she would back out. Then there was Micah to consider. Knowing his age (and that fact that it was really close to bedtime) I didn't know how he would react. Both did so well though and they seemed to enjoy their visit with Santa!
The "official" picture
I cracked up because after the picture Santa, he asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She told me that she told him she wanted a beaver. Ha! She had looked at a thing of stuffed animals before the picture and she saw an otter that she showed me. I guess there must have been a beaver in there as well! 

Abby really wanted a picture with this snowman as well. Gotta love her smile here - the I'm thinking about smiling too hard smile. 


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