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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Salt Dough Ornaments

Earlier this week we made salt dough ornaments. Abby has done them before two years ago when I was one of the teachers for her class in Bibleland. That time we let them dry out for a week. On Kim's Learn Create Love blog I saw that she did them with her little one and she cooked them in the microwave to harden them. Much faster this way!

Abby loves helping in the kitchen. She dumped the flour, salt and water into the bowl and started stirring until it got too hard for her to stir the dough.
We spread out the dough and cut out our ornaments. Then don't forget to poke a hole in where you want to tie the ribbon through before microwaving (or baking) them because you can't do it later! I only forgot on the first set.... 

Micah wasn't quite sure what to do at first. He thought we were baking cookies or something else yummy because he fussed wanting one while they cooled and tried to eat one while I got the paint ready. Once the paint was out and I showed him he could paint them he was quite happy to paint away.
He was so happy to paint that he wanted to paint his belly button as well. 
Abby loved it even more than Micah and did a wonderful job painting all her ornaments. She has been very interested in colors and what colors can mix lately so she did some mixing of colors as well after her first couple ornaments were painted. She mixed the white and red to make pink on her stocking. She also mixed some red, yellow and white to make a pink-ish color on her gingerbread men.
Here is Abby's selection of ornaments - a stocking, candy cane, two Christmas trees, a snowman and two gingerbread men.
Micah's ornaments -  two Christmas trees, a candy cane and a stocking.
If you want the basic recipe for the salt dough ornaments - I found this one here at Learn Create Love.
Now our ornaments are all dry and ready to hang on the tree!


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