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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Ramblings

We had a follow up appointment for Micah today. They had run some labs and he was a little anemic so he's on iron for now and we'll recheck his levels and talk to the pedi again in the new year. Maybe this will help his weight gain some? The nurse tried to give him a boost in the weight department by weighing him fully dressed instead of in just a diaper like usual. He clothes gave him about a lb extra! Since our appointment was in the evening during our usual meltdown hour I planned ahead and not only brought snacks but brought along books (which I usually do) as well as a simple craft project to occupy the kids while we waited.
(iphone photo)

I printed out this (free!) printable from Babalisme that I came across from another blog that I follow. It's such a cute little printable! I spent nap time cutting out all the decorations the glue onto the tree and put them all together in a baggie to bring with us. Micah absolutely loved putting glue onto the pieces and was very clearly not done by the way he said "NO" when we went to put away the glue stick. 
(printable found here)
I also tried my hand at baking some bread earlier this week. It looks pretty. I think it could have used a little longer in the oven though. I ended up baking it for about 10 minutes longer than the recipe called for but it still seemed a little doughy in the middle. I might try again because I really want some fresh yummy bread and would love to make it from scratch (this recipe was really easy too!) I got the recipe from a friend on a forum but here's the link to it. 
I also baked some more gingerbread cookies with the remaining dough I had frozen from the dough batch we made last week. It made 4 more trays of cookies. I took half to the girls night out I went to (that ended up including my kids since Beau had to work that night when he usually doesn't work that particular night) and I've packaged the other half to give to Abby's teachers. Don't they look nice? (Probably would look better if I hadn't taken this picture in the horribly light kitchen late at night!) I figured we didn't need anymore cookies sitting around since I'm already planning on making some cut out sugar cookies with the kids next week! 
Both kids are sleeping poorly tonight. They've each woken up at least 3 times since going to bed 3 hours ago. (Making getting this blog post and the elf mischief hard to get done - not to mention the laundry I was planning on folding!) I hope they can finally settle into a nice sleep soon so they'll wake well rested! Abby has her school Christmas party tomorrow and I don't want either of them over tired tomorrow morning. 

1 comment :

Kim said...

Love that you had them crafting in the waiting room. That's just awesome, LOL.

You should post the bread recipe! I've never made any and could use an *easy* one. :)

Cookies look great!