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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Random Ramblings: What's been going on

We got back from our Thanksgiving trip Saturday and jumped back into life immediately. Plus Gigi and Pops are in town visiting and Christmas shopping. This has left little time for blogging but in good news I'm pretty much as caught up on laundry as it gets around here - and 90% of it is put away which is really good as I'll confess sometimes we get clothes from the laundry baskets for a few days before putting it away.

Last night Micah didn't want to go to bed - he was up laughing, playing and having a wonderful time until about 11 pm when I finally took away the stuffed dog and after a bit of protest from him being upset about that he finally crashed.

Today while Abby was in school Gigi, Pops and I tried to shop till someone dropped - I thought for sure it would be Micah who dropped first with his late night but he didn't even want to take his nap!

Shh... don't tell Abby but we shopped for one of these today. Well maybe not that particular make or model (though Micah LOVED this one and didn't really want to test out any of the others for us - mama agrees it is totally the cutest and gets my vote as well!)
(iphone photo)

Abby really only had two requests when it came to one of these 1) it had peddles 2) it had a radio like her friend Braxtons'. Little did I know that would be such a hard request with you combine that with the preference to have a 2 seater so Micah can ride and doors/seatbelts so the no one falls out. Then you add in the whole budget thing. I think we might skip the radio and hope Abby is okay with that. I know she'll love it either way!

I ordered library card pockets to make this craft . They'll get here on Friday so we'll only miss a few days of the calendar. We have plans to decorate the tree as a family that evening as well so that will be our first 'card' that we pull out of the calendar.

I'm doing pretty well Christmas shopping. Micah's big gift shipped today and should arrive on Friday as well! I'm gonna have to think on a good place to hide it though! I also picked up my Christmas gift from my Mimi (grandmother) today. I was worried because the website said they were sold out and you could preorder for the February 20th shipment but I emailed them to ask if I could pick up from their office once I realized they were actually in town (!) and mentioned I was shocked they sold out of the shipment that had just come in on November 22nd. They replied I could pick it up and they had one left!!!! It's downstairs now waiting to be wrapped along with several other presents so they can all go under the tree on Friday. 


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