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Friday, December 17, 2010

Preschool Christmas Party & other random tidbits

This morning the kids slept until I had to wake them up to take Abby to school making up for the restless beginning to the night. When Micah and I got back from dropping Abby off he put one of the now empty(!) laundry baskets to good use while I made the bed and got ready to head out and finish Christmas shopping.
Micah and I knocked out almost all the rest of our Christmas shopping this morning. Only two people remaining on my list! Now I just need to get wrapping - my present closet is getting really full! Ironically with all the shopping I've done I haven't wrapped a single thing yet and the first presents under the tree are ones that came in the mail! 

After we finished shopping we headed to Abby's school for her Christmas party. After a yummy lunch of Chick-fil-a nuggets and apple slices Mrs. Ham read the kids a story while they transitioned to a craft. Micah joined right in on the reading. I thought he'd just go and join in and sit with the class but instead he climbed up on sisters lap and sat there. Abby loved that! She loved 'showing off' her little brother to her friends. 
{iphone photo}

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