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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New ride

In addition to their Santa Claus presents Christmas morning the kids were surprised with a big present from Gigi and Pops. We waited a little while after opening presents and having some breakfast so it wouldn't be quite as cold outside but it was still pretty cold when we went outside. I took a video of their reaction (but I'm not the best at video) 
We drove up and down the street many, many, many times that day and the following day despite the very cold temperatures (drastic change from the 78 degrees a few days before!) Abby called their new ride a "jeep" at first since that's what her friend has. Then somehow she heard me call it a mini-cooper and heard that as "American car" so that's what her new ride is called right now! 



Heidi said...

How fun. Micah doesn't look thrilled in the least. =)

stephanie rizzo said...

so adorable, can't wait for her to take brax for a ride, or figure out a way for her to bring it over here so they can all ride in the culdesac

Simplegirl said...

That is too cute and very cool:-) Love the picture!

Tiffany said...

That's awesome!!

Leah said...

Looks like the car was a huge success! It is so cute. We bought Ryanne a jeep for Christmas, and she slams the gas pedal down, but doesn't steer so she only gets to drive until she runs into something. haha!