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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Movie & popcorn

Yesterday was day 2 of being stuck home pretty much all day with no car. One of my sweet friends came over for a playdate with her boys and the kids seemed to have lots of fun. It seemed to have worn Micah out so after lunch (which was small after the second serving of cinnamon rolls everyone had around 11) I tried to put Micah down for a nap. After an hour and getting woken up by sister and by mama trying to put him down three times Micah was done with his nap - just shortly after the time his nap usually starts. So downstairs we all went, popcorn was made and a Veggie Tales Christmas movie was started. 
Because it was dreary and wet outside we couldn't burn off energy outside and we couldn't go anywhere. With a short nap and being a teething grumpy bear we had to find lots of different activities to keep the little guy entertained. One of his favorite things is to give Honey treats. "Yay!" he says when I get treats out of the treat bag.


1 comment :

Butterfly Baby Place said...

It's not dreary here, but we are totally having one of those days, too!