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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mini-golf, pizza and crafts

Gigi and Pops have been in town visiting. Monday night we headed up to the condo they were staying in and had delicious dinner of some yummy steaks from the steak place back in Baton Rouge. After dinner we headed to the mini-golf course for a little golf. Both kids had a blast. Abby even got a hole in one! Micah loved having his ball and club to carry around. He would try some to play but mostly was content to hold his club and ball. 
This afternoon we met up for a little shopping and got some supplies from Michael's for the advent calendar I'm going to make (yes I know December already started but the library pocket envelopes I needed for the one I want to make will be here tomorrow - no stores around here seem to have them!) 

We headed to a pizza place in the mall for the second best pizza in town (the best being Fralo's) This one does get some points for the dough they bring for the kids to play with while we wait for the pizza. Both kids love playing with the dough. Though Micah would much rather try to eat it! 

During nap time I prepared some fun crafts for the afternoon. Pops bought us a new printer since our last one has stopped working. Thanks so much Pops! I put it to the test as soon as I set it up and printed out some activity sheets from Learn.Create.Love for the kids. 


1 comment :

Kim said...

The angels turned out so well! And look at Micah's tiny hands. <3