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Monday, December 13, 2010

Micah's ornament & his love of painting

Every year growing up I remember my mom getting my brother and I both an ornament to represent what we were into that year (most of mine are ballerinas from all the years I was in dance growing up) and she would also get a picture ornament with a picture from that year to put on the tree. I have sadly slacked at doing this for my kids for the most part. I do have a baby's first Christmas ornament for Abby but never put a picture in it. Then I have an ornament for her second Christmas with a picture in it. I'm thankful for Bibleland because for the past 3 years both kids have made ornaments in their classes that are hanging on our tree with their pictures in them. Eventually I'll go back and get pictures for each year and find ornaments to put them in so we'll have them for each year. In an effort to personalize our tree this year and to capture this Christmas with a ornament I decide to have him 'make' an ornament.  I love handprint crafts as it's so fun to see how little their hands were at this age and when I came across this idea I thought it was so cute I had to try it! 

Do you have any traditions? Do you decorate your tree with a theme or do you like personalized & homemade ornaments best? I personally like a combination of both (if you can't tell!) 

So after I finished with Micah's ornaments and got started on Abby's (which is different and I'll show ya'll when we finish hers) Micah was pitching a fit because he wasn't done crafting and he really wanted to paint. We had out the supplies and yet he didn't have a paint brush and paper. Since I didn't have anything planned and prepared for this afternoon to do a craft I just let the kids have fun painting whatever they wanted on a blank sheet of cardstock. 
This ended quickly became handprint time as Micah was into the handprints after doing our handprints on the ornaments.

Then Micah decided to be a little rebel and put some green streaks in his hair. He was not very happy with mama for taking the paint and paint brush away when he started painting his hair! 

1 comment :

Angie said...

oh...your babies are sooooo cute!