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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Micah and the airplane

Today was a low key day. No gym classes because of the breakfast with Santa at the gym. We didn't go this year because Daddy couldn't go with us and I wanted to use that happy window of time to attempt the grocery store with him. (Have I mentioned before he really doesn't like HEB? Well he doesn't) We had to swing by the bank first so I got a sucker for each little one which helped to bring out before Micah had his grocery store meltdown. We made it through with no tears - and without leaving off half the list when Micah loses it!

Micah finally seems to be going through a growth spurt. He ate probably triple what he normally will eat in one day. He was also very silly this afternoon. I was sitting on the floor with the little ones and he came and started lifting my feet. I thought he was going to do his silly smell feet and say "ew" that Abby taught him but he quickly got frustrated because I wasn't doing what he wanted. He patted his belly and I quickly understood what he wanted:

I worked my last Saturday nursery shift for this year as there will be no Saturday service the next two weeks. I think everyone was either out shopping or thought the Saturday service break started today because there were only 4 babies in the 3 - 24 month wing. One of those was Micah. We combined to one Bible class because it is more fun to do Bible class with more than just 1 baby (the 3-12 month and the 19-24 month class each only had 1 baby.) During that time there were 2 teachers for each baby. I'm wondering how jam packed the nursery will be tomorrow morning now. Two weeks ago during my volunteer weekend on Sunday there were 54 babies in the wing and the nursery director and I opened an additional classroom to accommodate more babies. I'm thinking I'll probably ask if they need extra help tomorrow morning because I think it will be packed. 

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