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Monday, December 06, 2010

Deck the halls

Our tree is up and mostly decorated - I still have to place some of the more fragile ornaments on (up high out of little hands reach) Micah seemed to get it at first then he started trying to take them off so he didn't help for very long. Abby loved helping me! We're making some more homemade ornaments (which might just be my favorite kind) today. To paraphrase my friend Stephanie - the tree may not be the most beautifully decorated, evenly spaced with ornaments throughout but it was decorated with love as a family and that makes it beautiful!

1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

love the pic...brax helped my mom put her tree up and was telling me how many ornaments she had, i told him one day we will have that many that mommy and uncle charlie were old and had made a bunch. we made a simple popsicle stick one; ill try to remember to take a pic and send from jers phone, missed u tonite, susy and ash werent there either