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Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec 9th: Gingerbread Cookies

Last night I didn't sleep well and woke up several times throughout the night - once because of Micah other times just because I woke up. So this morning when Micah woke up bright and early I was not feeling the gym thing despite the classes that I had been looking forward to and trying to decide which to go to. So instead we watched some Cat in the Hat while waiting for Abby to wake up, ate some breakfast and headed to Target for some sugar and molasses. Since we were going to be hanging out at home most of the day it fit in perfectly with our activity of the day - Gingerbread cookies. 

Of course in Target I got distracted and wandered into the kids clothes after getting the groceries.... hmm how'd that happen? Micah might have ended up with a new outfit. All his little one piece romper outfits from last year are all too small (which yes for most babies Micah's age you'd think of course outfits from last year would be too small but for Micah he can comfortably still wear most 6-12 month outfits he was just starting to wear last winter - just not most of the one piece items) However I'm loving the one piece rompers and think Micah looks adorable in them and came across this cute one and had to have it. 

When we got home we whipped up the dough and let it chill, ate some lunch and then we rolled out the dough and Abby and Micah both helped with cutting out shapes for the cookies. Abby impressed me because she went through the 128 cookie cutters we have and picked out all the Christmas ones with no help from me. (Not kidding on the number of cookie cutters either - 100 from the tub Grandma gave us last year for Christmas, 25 from the batter bowl of cookie cutters I bought before Christmas last year and a few random ones that we had before getting the sets) We baked 4 cookie sheets of cookies before Micah was ready for his nap and still have plenty more dough in the fridge for more cookies later. 

After nap it was time to decorate the cookies. Here's my little helper in his new outfit helping me get the royal icing ready for the ginger bread cookies. Doesn't he look adorable?
All done! These are really easy and delicious gingerbread cookies to make - though I can't say I have much to compare it to because I've never made gingerbread cookies before. The recipe for the cookies came from Annie's Eats - one of my favorite baking sites.  
So anyone want some gingerbread cookies? 

1 comment :

Leah said...

You can just stick some gingerbread cookies in the mail to me ; )

I totally understand what you mean about the trucks at HEB. They are kind of difficult to push, and I probably wouldn't like them at the grocery store. Luckily, ours doesn't have that option, but they are fun for home depot.