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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dec 5th: Sea World

So in our advent calendar  today's activity was to turn my children into icicles  catch the Christmas shows at Sea World. We headed out right after Micah woke up from his nap so that we could make it in time to get the ornament they were giving out for annual pass members. I didn't actually look at the schedule before we got there was was surprised they were going to be open until 8 until of closing early at 5 pm like when we went a couple weeks ago before the Christmas shows started. I had only been planning on a couple hours then home for a dinner and a relaxed evening. Once we got there and saw the Christmas shows we wanted to see were going to be 5:15 and 6:30 we decided to stick around and see them as long as everyone was in good moods. Abby was beyond thrilled to be at Sea World.

After picking up our dolphin ornament we headed to see the actual dolphins. The kids loved watching the dolphins and we spent quite a bit of time watching them swim around. The feeding side was closed when we got there so the dolphins were swimming around around. The baby dolphins were playing around and would come up to the kids that were splashing them. Micah did so well compared to a few months ago and would just lay on his tummy watching where as before he didn't understand he had to lay on his stomach to stay on the wall.
Then it was off to the penguins. Abby was quick to notice the pen that was set up to keep one of the baby penguins separate while introducing him to the rest of the group was gone. We could pick out that baby pretty easily as he still had quite a few of his baby feathers that he was trying to get rid of. 
Finally it was time to head to the first Christmas show  - the Sesame street Christmas. The past couple weeks Micah has been waking up early - an hour or so earlier than Abby so some mornings I'll turn on PBS or  a recorded Sesame street while I wake up, fix Abby's school lunch, get ready for Bible class or whatever we are doing that day. Usually he doesn't watch much of it (and it's not on for long anyway) but I could tell today that he recognized the voice because he got a big smile on his face when he heard the voices in the music that was playing before the show started and when I told him we were going to see Elmo. Even though he seemed excited at first he was a HUGE wiggle worm through the whole show. Abby loved the end when they had snow come down over the front section so we made our way down there and she managed to catch a few flakes and that made her day.
The sun was setting while we watched the Sesame Street show so I bundled Micah up and we headed to get some hot chocolate to warm us up. Thank goodness I grabbed my wrap (baby carrier - like a Moby but woven instead of stretchy) because it made a good blanket to cover Micah up with while in the stroller and it was big enough to wrap both kids up while we watched the sea lion show. I was started to shiver a little bit but the kids were wrapped up to stay warm. 
At the Clyde and Seamore show Micah got upset while we were waiting for the it to begin but thankfully even though it was late and he was getting hungry for dinner (despite the popcorn snack) and tired, he calmed down so we could stay and watch the show. If we had left Abby would have been so upset. She's like her mama and the sea lions are the best show! The show was hilarious as usual - even though at some points the sea lions didn't want to cooperate (too cold maybe?)


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