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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning

The kiddos must have been very good this year because Santa (and mommy & daddy and other family members) sure did spoil them. They came downstairs to these piles of presents. 
Micah noticed his chair first (hard to miss those!) and had to examine his name on it. Then I passed him a present to open and showed him how to open it. Once he had the present halfway open he took it to Daddy for help and then he wanted Daddy to read it before he wanted to open another one! So cute! 
Abby opened her first presents to find this pretty outfit and a pair of boots from Mimi & Pappy. She also got a new cover for her chair that she's had since she was Micah's age. At first she was a little confused because she thought it meant we had 3 chairs now since she didn't believe it was just a new cover and not a whole new chair. 
Then she finally got to her big Santa present - the one that kept barking all morning. HA! 
She loves her puppy that she can walk (now maybe Honey can get a break?) and has played with her almost all day!
Both kids got a set of automoblox cars and Micah loved his! 
Micah loves his chair and especially loves his puppies - his little one that wags it tail and his new little figurine puppy. He clutched one or both at times almost all day long. 
He also got a beginner Thomas the Train set  that both kids loved to play with.



Simplegirl said...

Merry Christmas! Theses are great pictures:-)

Leah said...

The chairs are cute! We bought Ry one, the new fuzzy white one (bad idea) but she loves it!

stephanie rizzo said...

i love the fact that abby put her outfit on right away, micah's chair is so cute, and love the dog. you are a great present picker outer