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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


This morning the little ones and I headed to work in Bibleland and we had a carnival for all the kids classes outside. Even Micah's class (and the other 13-18 month class that I teach) were able to go outside and participate. Micah came home with a bag full of candy - for a little guy he sure has racked up a lot of candy this halloween! Abby got candy as well - but I think Micah might have gotten more! 

After nap we watched Beau mow the grass. For whatever reason the loud noise is really interesting to Micah and he watched the whole time daddy was mowing with great interest. Take note of the tippy toes!
Abby watched daddy some but preferred to lounge with Honey - whom she calls "her dog."  
After we came back inside we tried to clean up some - however little Micah had other plans. Meltdown central started around 4:30 and lasted until dinner at 6. Cleaning was quickly abandoned. Today the decision was made that the laundry can remain unfolded on the couch, toys can remain on the floor in the playroom, Abby's bed can remain half made, the toys that have migrated into Mommy's room can stay in my room. Those things will still be here tomorrow. Today (like most days that we have these melt downs which thankfully has not been too often lately) the decision was made that it was - as always is - far more important to at least try see similes on my little ones faces that to see tears all afternoon and have a clean(*er) house. It was a semi-successful decision - as the meltdowns continued but we had happy times between them.  

*because how clean can you really get a house with a crying toddler at your legs anyway? Or even with a toddler in the house at all?

A full belly seemed to have at least helped the littlest one - until it came time for jammies. The past two weeks he'd much rather skip that whole step and go straight to the blankie, rocking chair and mama milk. He just gets so upset at the whole process of getting his pajamas on, brushing teeth and getting Abby tucked into bed.

Now the little ones are snugly tucked in and sleeping and hopefully getting the rest they need to be their bright happy selves tomorrow.

I'm off to get all my props and camera gear together because tomorrow I get to do something I've been looking forward to for a couple months now! I might just fill ya'll in on that tomorrow!

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