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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving trip {day 4 and 5}

On Black Friday we headed out in the late morning to a couple stores to wander around. Being a small-ish city the crowds weren't too bad. Grandpa bought Abby an adorable frog hat - that she loves so much! I've failed to actually get a good picture of her wearing it yet though. In the afternoon after naptime Grandpa had a fabulous idea of popping some popcorn and heading the park. It was cold but lots of fun! Lots of sliding went on.... 
Then Grandma and Auntie Scarlett went to walk around the path around the park. Abby decided she wanted to go to. Then Micah felt left out so he ran as fast as his little legs would take him to catch up. So we all went on a walk. 
Abby loved the leaves most of all. 
After the walk Micah just wasn't having it anymore. It seems he got a little chilly and was ready to warm up.  I don't blame him it was chilly out. His little nose and fingers got pink. If it was cold often down here I might look into tiny mittens. I wonder if he would keep them on? 

Saturday we got up early (well except Micah who again proved my theory that the days we have to get up early and on the move he'll sleep in - like the Thursdays I want to try to spin class at the gym that he would normally be awake for but sleeps in instead), ate some breakfast and hit the road. We made it about 15 minutes before Abby declared she had to potty and maybe 20 before we had the first meltdown over who had which stuffed dog. Then 15 minutes after that meltdown #2 because we switched downs and switched which dog we wanted. I'm sure everyone was thinking this was gonna be a very long drive home! Luckily after a potty break an hour down the road we seemed to be doing better. 

We read several books during the trip.... 
And made hats out of books to be silly. Of course if Abby does it, Micah has to copy. 
Books alone don't keep the kids content.... we had several snacks to keep the kids happy and forget they were strapped into the car for a couple hours at a time. 
My main secret to preventing a huge meltdown? A bag of skittles passed out one at a time to make them last a very long time when the little bit gets really restless. Worked like a charm! I just have to make sure Abby doesn't see us buy them or she'll ask for them every few minutes until she gets distracted or we start passing them out.  (That's in addition to planning stops every couple hours to stretch our legs, a long-ish lunch break, favorite toys and new toys to pass out)

We made it home in the early evening only to watch LSU lose to Arkansas. I shouldn't have turned on the tv - we seemed to be doing better while I checked the score on the gamecast on my phone (well until it died) The kids were happy to be home and out of carseats and ran around the house to run out some energy as it was getting dark so we couldn't play outside long. 

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