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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Ramblings

Much of today was spent doing some cleaning and chores. Or at least attempting with two little ones around.

Micah is proving to be quite the little trouble maker. While I was doing breakfast dishes this morning, he was in the pantry up to no good. He found the packages of dried split peas and black beans (from this craft) and had a little too much fun spilling them playing with them on the floor.

Then while I was folding laundry - Abby piled some blankets and pillow into a laundry basket and pushed Micah around the kitchen and living room in the basket. He got such a kick out of that. (Plus it meant I was actually able to fold the laundry instead of Micah 'helping' by unfolding/spilling all my folded piles!) Then when I needed that larger basket back to put the folded laundry into, Abby took over the small basket and made Micah a bed to sleep in. He cooperated with her too and played along.
(iphone picture)
Then this evening nearly Abby nor Micah were quite ready for bed so I postponed bedtime by about 30 minutes. Abby really wanted Micah to play with her so they ran off to her room and when they came back in about 5 minutes they were both dressed in Abby's dress up clothes. Micah let Abby dress him up in the feather boa. They ran off again (because "they had a show to be in" according to Abby) and came back with a costume change. Micah now had on one of Abby's old navy tanks (in pink no less) and wanted help putting on her pink cowboy boot slippers.  One of these days Micah might not be too happy about the things Abby dressed him up in but boy was he amused this evening with playing dress up with sister! 


stephanie rizzo said...

okay so i love this post bc it reminds me of my brother and i, i use to dress him up, my mom has the pics, he used to do everything with me, play barbies, etc. i loved being a big sis, i'm sure you have some big sis memories too...thank you for reminding me of that special bond...also isn't so fun that micah is getting to the age that him and abbs can play...i love your little ones so much, and i am so happy we are a part of the fiegel's lives.

s said...

i meant to say isn't it so fun

s said...

i meant to say isn't it so fun