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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

{random ramblings}

Abby is finally feeling better. No fever at all today. Yay! She did take a 2 and 1/2 hour nap this afternoon so she still needed a little extra sleep (maybe also because she woke up around 6:30 this morning?) but she seems to be mostly mended and back to her normal self. Back to pre-school for her tomorrow since she's been fever free for 24 hours by tomorrow morning!
That also means I can hit the gym again tomorrow morning! Yay! I've missed my gym time while she has been sick. I love my 'me' time that is the gym. I've also become a group exercise junkie and don't really like working out by myself anymore. I'm excited for Body Combat again tomorrow! I got to go on Monday since Beau was home but I missed my classes last Wednesday with my photoshoot (well worth it! Just wasn't planning on Abby being sick the next 5 days.) Then Abby was sick and we missed the gym and our normal routine Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

Now if we can only get our sleep schedule back to normal after the time change. Monday Micah was up at 6 am, then today Abby woke up at 6:30. Since she took a nap I was worried she would have a hard time going to bed since she was feeling better so we had dinner a little later than normal and pushed bedtime back by an hour. I'm hoping it means we won't have such early risers tomorrow morning. 

During the end of our late dinner and while I cleaned up (and Micah chased Honey around the kitchen) we spent some time video chatting with Gigi and Pops. Abby and Micah both really enjoyed it. Micah spent lots of time waving to them over the computer, saying 'hi' and just generally being silly and laughing.  He knows when he's being silly and it's the cutest thing to watch! We need to video chat more often - it really is a lot of fun. Abby really loves it and Micah seemed to enjoy it and really talked this time.

And in another random note: How do you know you are married to an Eagle Scout? When you ask him to either make some garlic knot rolls or watch the teething, fussy baby and he picks making the rolls. Then he proceeds to ask you if you can make them into all ten different types of knots for a boy scout campout one day. No sorry sweetheart - if you want them in ten different knots you might have to tie them yourself because I only know one type of knot. These rolls really are the yummiest - and really pretty easy too. 

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