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Monday, November 08, 2010

movie night

What better idea than to cuddle in a warm blanket and watch a good movie when you don't feel well. Since Abby's had her on/off fever for the past days we've done crafts, read lots of books, and yes watched a little bit more tv than normal. So Saturday night I thought she was feeling a little better and might have a hard time falling asleep with a nap so I picked up a movie to watch. We got Marmaduke since I know my kids love dogs and it would likely be a hit. Abby enjoyed it and has asked to watch it again since watching it that first time. Though by about the last 20 minutes she was asking if it was over yet because she was tired. She fell asleep soon afterwards. 
Micah loved seeing the dog on tv as I thought he would. He watched a good 10 minutes before he was ready for bed - which is a long time span for Micah. Then it was off to bed for the little one.

Speaking of Micah I posted his 18 month update (only a couple days late) on his baby book blog if you want to see what he's been up to lately.


stephanie rizzo said...

i love the pic of abby watching her movie? was it good?

Katie said...

It was pretty good - silly, funny in parts.

Katie said...

It was pretty good - silly, funny in parts.