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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Let's go to the zoo instead"

This morning we set out on an adventure to spend the morning at Sea World. Packed up the refillable cups and popcorn bucket, camera (with a battery this time!), season passes, diapers and wipes for Micah and headed out the door. We headed into the gates of Sea World shortly after 10 am - right after opening time - perfect right? Well not so much. We got to the parking lot and saw that Sea World does not in fact open at 10 - like it has every other weekend we've ever been that I can recall - nope now it opens at noon. Coming back at noon was not an option with Micah who would need at nap around 1. Abby was not happy about SW being closed. As we turned around and headed back out of the gates we talked about what we should do for the morning now. Abby piped up and said "how about we go to the zoo instead?"  Gigi being the sweet grandma she is decided sure why not - and off we went. 

We grabbed a snack of popcorn shortly after getting there since Abby had already asked about getting popcorn at Sea World and we could smell it from the parking lot and it smelled yummy.  
The weather was wonderful and lots of animals were out to see. Not like in the summer when it gets so hot lots of the animals tend to stay in the shade or inside. Even the tiger was out and we only see him once out of every 3 trips or so.  The zoo has also added a second elephant and we were able to see both of them standing with their keepers doing some of their daily activities. 
There was a cute baby kangaroo hopping around outside of his mommy's pouch to watch today. I love when they have baby animals to see! 
Inside the kids section we saw one of the giant tortoises up close and then Abby and Micah got to play in the pretend turtle shell. 
Micah loved watching the little monkeys play around. They are my favorite as well. 
It was a wonderful day - the weather was almost perfect though maybe a little cool since yesterday it was a warm 84 degrees and today it was a high of 65. Thanks to a wonderful Gigi to take us out to the zoo! I can't wait to go back now that the weather is perfect zoo weather! 


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