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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I ♥ my warrior

This morning started bright and early (well I guess technically it was almost sleeping in for Beau compared to his wake up time some days of the week!) We got ready, packed a change of clothes and towels for Beau, found some old tennis shoes and we were off. The whole way to our destination a little outside of Austin, Beau and his dad talked smack to each other (in a loving father son way) - I was driving so he could text. Grandma said she couldn't relay one of Beau's texts to Grandpa without catching her breath she was laughing so hard. The text? "If a son trips a father in the woods would anyone know?" We finally got to our destination. 

Beau and Grandpa got checked in and received their time chips to lace onto their shoes, shirts, bib to pin onto their shirts and of course their warrior helmets! (This of course is the before picture - wait until you see the after!)
Checked in for what you ask? The Warrior Dash: 
Everyone got a chance to try on the helmets because the boys weren't going to run with them! 
The boys lined up for their wave and then they were off! Off to do what you ask? Well a 3.2 mile run - broken up with some obstacles. These obstacles included: jumping onto/off of old cars, climbing over walls, hay bales, walking a plank, running through a river, rappelling down a wall, crawling over a net, running through tangled ropes then through a forest and finishing with a cargo climb, jumping over fire and crawling under barb wire in a mud pit. 
We moved across the way and watched as runners from the previous waves came through the final three obstacles. These included the rope climb, a jump over some fire and a mud pit to crawl through (which sadly I didn't get any pictures of!) These guys who were in charge of keeping the fire going were hilarious and quite the entertainment as we waited for our guys to run through. With the race entry came a free beer so they would be encouraging yelling for the runners to come on and get their free beer at the end, they were almost there. Our favorite though was when they started telling people the fire wasn't real it was just an computer generated imaged.... but it was still hot. 
Of course what's a race like this without a costume contest? We saw a pair dressed as a gorilla (just the face mask with all black clothing) and his race partner was a banana, Tarzan, and lots of warriors - though not many of them ran the whole race with spears. 
Finally we saw Beau coming through. I could have used a longer zoom here! (Or moved closer but then I would have missed the fire jumping!) Beau is the little figure wearing a black shirt on top of the rope climb wall. 
Here he comes! After this picture he jumped the fire and then dove into the mud pit to crawl under the ropes. What a way to end a race! 
And the final after picture. Great race guys! 
Of course this may not quite be the craziest thing they've ever done after January. Well it's not the craziest thing for Beau anyway as he'd rank his bull riding above the warrior dash. Beau found out about this through me seeing the warrior dash mentioned on another blog. Well I was looking at the Warrior Dash FB page today and saw an ad for another race similar. Only that one is 9 miles - not 3.2 like the Warrior Dash. That one might be a little crazier. Even crazier is that the boys are now thinking about running it! 

1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

that is so awesome, tell beau great job! and i think micah was the cutest warrior.