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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving today! We celebrated with family and enjoyed a delicious meal together. Before we ate though Grandpa and I took the little ones out to a park to see all the leaves. Leaves and the beautiful shades of the trees are not something we see often down in South Texas. It's quite a change. Though the weather today (at least up until this evening) was pretty similar. It was actually about 75 degrees and really muggy today. It rained on us at the park and really started raining more this evening as the cold front is coming through. Tomorrow has a high of 51 - quite a change in weather happening overnight here! 
Both kids were really enjoying all the different pine needles (Abby called it a peacock tail) and the pine cones.
Micah found some sticks to play with. 
During some of the harder rain when it wasn't just a few drizzles that managed to slip between the trees we played 'house' under one of the pavilions. Abby told us where each of the rooms were and even gave the house a large bathroom. Then the kids ran back and forth to burn off some energy since we knew the rain would likely keep up and there wouldn't be much more playing outside the rest of the day. 
I am just so thankful for my family and these little ones - as busy as they keep me - they are just sweet little joys to have around. 

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