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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sea World with Gigi

After subbing in the Church nursery this morning, a yummy lunch and a nap for the Micah bear we headed out for adventure we tried to have yesterday. Only I managed to forget the whole camera this time - at least I wasn't carrying it around with no battery unable to use it but still with us. So iphone pics again. Good thing we live close enough by that it wasn't a once a year vacation that I'm missing pictures of.

We started with the dolphins. Abby was disappointed that we couldn't feed them - which I thought was interesting. Last time we went she was all excited to feed them... until we got the fish. Then she just wanted to watch daddy feed them and didn't even want to reach out and touch the dolphin as Beau feed them. Both Abby and Micah loved watching the dolphins swim around - they didn't really want to move on and see anything else!
After a quick spin through the penguins we got a snack of popcorn and headed to watch The Sea Lion story show. This wasn't the normal Clyde and Seymour show that we love but a more informational show about the animals. The kids loved it anyway. Abby said it was her favorite of the day. Micah was such a big boy. He didn't want to sit on my lap - he wanted to sit on the bench just like sister. 
After the show we watched some of a training session with a young sea lion. The trainer said they don't normally start training as young as this one was (a year and a half - Micah's age) but since this one's mom stopped nursing him around 7-8 months instead of 18 months-2 years like most of the babies - he started on fish early so they were able to start training him early as well. Abby really enjoyed seeing him play.
Then we watched the seals and sea lions in the bigger pool play. There were a couple babies in that pool as well so we were able to watch them play around. 
Abby wanted to climb up and see the sea lion statues. So we took a picture. 
Then we headed to the play ground to play for a good 45 minutes. Both kids really loved it. Micah loved going down the big kid slides - following Abby around. After he had a taste of the big kid section he was not too thrilled with me bringing him back to the 'baby' section meant for the 2-3 year olds. 
We finished off the day with the Azul beluga and dolphin show. All in all a very fun day - not very crowded on a chilly Sunday afternoon either. 

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