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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Watching Abby dance

Today was ballet class. I've shown ya'll what Abby does during ballet - and I'm still so impressed with her as she does so well this year. What a difference a year can make as last year she was really shy and wouldn't talk to the teacher and this year she is answering questions, doing what the teacher asks and I don't have to do it with her like last year! 
So I figured I'd show you what Micah does while we watch Abby dance. I usually have to wake Micah a little early from his nap to make it to ballet on time - which I don't love but I try to put him down early so he's not grumpy later (though that doesn't always work.) Since I like to stay close in case Abby needs anything I bring Micah a snack and he enjoys that while we watch. 
Then we bring out the toys. I start with the toys in the stroller because Micah will want to run around or join the girls circle once he's out. Today we played peek-a-boo and that had him giggling up a storm! I love baby giggles! Then we played with a car. He drove his car across the front of the stroller making car noises. The love of cars just be be part of a boys dna because Micah already loves driving cars around! 

Then we finish sitting and driving cars and it's time to let the Micah loose. So we walk around and try to stay out of the way without straying too far. Today he actually stayed right with me and just pretended like he was going to frog jump like the girls were doing across the floor. 

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