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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tuesday's list: DVR

I had so much fun last week starting my Christmas list that I'm playing along again with Jessica from Love From Texas. This week is about our can't miss tv programs. 

I love my DVR. Though without it I might get more done after bedtime - or at least get to sleep at a little earlier hour. My DVR sure has been busy the past couple weeks with all the new seasons starting back up. I'm surprised it doesn't start smoking on Thursday nights with all the programs that I like that all happen to be on the same night. 

We'll start with some of my favorites 

Grey's Anatomy 
I didn't start watching Grey's until the 3rd season or so but caught one episode at that point over Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas and from then on I was hooked. Thank goodness for seasons on DVD to catch me up on the seasons I missed. I don't think this season is as good so far but I'm still enjoying it and watching.

Again another show I didn't start watching at the beginning but I caught most of a season a year and a half ago on my parents Apple tv while we were visiting them and since then Beau and I are both hooked and enjoy watching this show together. 

Quints by Surprise 
Yesterday the last two episodes of their current season aired and I'm hoping they make another one. They are adorable to watch and the babies are only a tiny bit older than Micah so it's fun to watch and see babies close to Micah's age. Plus they only live like an hour from us so I can see fun things I might like to take our kids to do (like I think Abby would love to go to the snake farm that the dad took Jack to in the episode last night - it's a place we've passed many times but have never been in and I never would have known they had more than just snakes and reptiles there!)

19 kids and Counting 
I'll admit I really like the Duggars. Some people don't but I think it's amazing how calm and sweet they all are and the kids seem to love having such a large family. I don't think everyone is cut out to have such a large family but the Duggars are amazing with their family!

Project Runway 
I can never wait to see what kind of crazy outfits the designers come up with that managed to win some of the challenges. Especially the first couple seasons some designers that I would have labeled as totally out there won and I was beyond shocked at what is sometimes called fashion! 

The Little Couple 
Beau thinks I'm crazy for watching this as he thinks it's boring but I enjoy watching this couple and I think they are adorable! I can't wait for the new season to start.  

Then I have a bunch more that I enjoy as well

Biggest Loser
Two and a Half Men 
Modern Family 
Top Chef Just Desserts 
Private Practice 
The Apprentice 
The Next Iron Chef 
The Amazing Race 

Again thank goodness for dvrs! 


Lisa said...

Gotta love TLC!!

Lindsey said...

I'm a new follower from Tuesday's List! I love the Quints!!

Lisa said...

Gotta love TLC!!