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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

This evening we went..... wait for it... yup I'm sure you've guessed it... trick or treating! We went to Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood (it's become a tradition I think!) because our neighborhood seems to go all out - one house builds a haunted house and lots of them decorate and I just think it might be too scary for Abby and Micah. I don't want to ruin the fun part of Halloween and give them something to be scared about. Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood is much less of the scary stuff and more just cool pumpkins. One house did have halloween music going and one had dry ice to make a cool misty effect but none of it was too scary.

We got to Grandma and Grandpa's a little early since the kids were getting restless at home and we spent some time playing in the back yard. Can you see 2 of Micah's 2 and 1/2 teeth? 
We headed out front to see if anyone was out trick or treating yet. Micah found a seat on a pumpkin.
Abby picked a few acorns to put in her treat bag. This girl loves some acorns! She didn't want to be a superhero today. Instead she wanted to be a super skeleton - so we went with it. She still looked adorable! I overheard her tell Grandpa that "I told mommy I wanted to be a ghost but..." however I don't  think I ever heard her say that. I remember her saying she wanted to be a giraffe - until she saw the giraffe costume and that it didn't have a long neck. Then she wanted to be a "stinky skunk," then it was a horse costume that had suspenders so it looked like you were riding the horse that she saw at Target. So she had lots of ideas about what she wanted to be. She was happy with her super skeleton though.
 Micah looked so adorable in his cape (both wonderful capes made by Gigi!) and superhero shirt.

Then we were off to trick or treat. Micah followed Abby's lead and held on to his trick or treat bag just like she did and took off squeaking (in his squeaky shoes) down the side walk.
Micah invited himself right in to the first house we went to - he went straight for the puppy dog. Good thing it was one of the neighbors that Grandma and Grandpa are good friends with. It was pretty much the same this year as the previous two years where Abby is perfectly happy just trick or treating for houses with puppies. Both kids were totally thrilled whenever the house would have a dog they could love on. There were quite a few puppies to love on along the way so they were happy little trick or treaters. 
I think Micah might have enjoyed trick or treating even more than Abby did this year. He really got the hang of it - especially for an 18 month old. He walked along for a good long ways for such a little guy and would gladly hold out his treat bag for candy. When we got 1/2 way around the loop of the neighborhood I started carrying him between houses and whenever we got to a house that was giving out candy he'd wiggle to get down, get his treat bag ready and walk happily up to the door. Abby got tired about 2/3rds of the way through the loop and was ready to head back but it was quicker to continue around but Micah was quite content to keep going! Micah's bucket was a little smaller than Abby's but he managed to fill it twice. Good thing I thought ahead to bring along an extra bag to hold his candy in (I had brought it because I was worried he either try to eat all his candy or start spilling it all out - which he actually did very little of either of those. He did try to eat a couple pieces but would always put them back in his bucket when I'd put him down to go up to the next house.) He was the happiest little boy when we got back to the Grandparents house and he got to eat one of his candies. He picked a bag of M&Ms and was so cute while gobbling them up!

I think this might have been my favorite year trick or treating so far because of how much Micah really enjoyed it. Abby has been shy and not as in to trick or treating in previous years. This year she enjoyed it more than previous years but tired of it early. I only wish Daddy could have been with us to enjoy it as well.

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