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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tissue paper tree

This is another great craft I found on my friend Kim's blog Learn.Create.Love As I said I love the amazing crafts she has found/come up with! 

We started with construction paper tracings of the hands and forearms of both Abby and Micah so that they could each make a picture. We glued these cut out tracings onto some white card stock. 

Next I set out some cut up tissue paper that I had attempted to make into a leaf-ish shape. We used red, yellow and some green. Since our trees don't really change colors too much down in South Texas green is pretty appropriate. I would have thrown in some orange if I had any but I didn't. I added some glue to the top of the trees on Micah's and let Abby do the glue on hers. Micah really wanted to add some more glue to his though - he is Mr. Independent! 
Micah really enjoyed this craft a lot! He stuck all that tissue paper down by himself believe it or not! Makes me very excited for our craft I've planned for the 13-18 month classes in the nursery for tomorrow morning which involves glueing tissue paper onto the 'fire.'
Abby took more care in selecting what colors and where she was going to put her leaves but also really enjoyed working on her tree. 
All finished - Micah's is the black little tree and Abby's is the bigger brown tree. 



Kim said...

They turned out so good!!! I love the color variation in them. Little Micah did great for being so young! :)

stephanie rizzo said...

adorable, totally doing this with the boys...love micah's baby legs.

stephanie rizzo said...

adorable, totally doing this with the boys...love micah's baby legs.