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Sunday, October 03, 2010


Today my every day, ordinary children changed into superheroes because we had a very important event to attend that required some very special superheroes. 
My little superheroes had important tasks to complete today after putting on there superhero disguises. Do you like the 'superhero' outfit Abby picked out? Lots and lots of climbing, sliding and jumping was involved in being a superhero!

They were also tasked with a very important mission to rescue the puppy dog. This required jumping through some hoops....
Climbing up a very high wall... 
Knocking down some 'bad guy' obstacles.... (which Abby wouldn't do but adorable Jackson did so impressively!)
Then the little superheros had to run, leaping across tall brick buildings to rescue the little puppy. 
Abby was much more loving and gentle with the puppy than all the boys were. The boys had a much bigger sense of haste when it came to the rescue mission. 
Micah observed the mission ready to leap in and lend a hand whenever he could. He was really wanting to rescue the puppy the whole time - and then carry the puppy around keeping it for himself. 
What better way can you reward superheroes for a successful mission? Why cupcakes and ice cream of course! Yum! 

We had such a blast at Braxton's superhero 5th birthday party! My little superheroes were wiped this evening - being a superhero really is hard work for a little one! 

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