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Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Ramblings

Micah is getting his 3rd tooth. Yay! I spotted the troublesome tooth two days ago. It's starting to show through the gum. Finally my itty bitty almost 18 month old is finally getting some teeth. He got his two bottom teeth shortly after 16 months and is now adding his top right (his right) tooth. This of course meant this past two weeks have had some serious runny nose and of and on lack of sleeping. Then add in some coughing from the extra mucous in the runny nose. But at least he's getting teeth right? 

I've been busy this week working on planning Abby's first school party. When the sign up sheet went around the room at the meet the teacher day when it got around to me all that was left was the chairperson for each party (everyone wanted to just be the helper go figure!) So I decided to jump right in and be the chairperson for the halloween party. It hasn't been too bad the other mamas that I'm working with have great ideas and it's been pretty easy to plan. I think the kids will have a great time. They'll also have a parade around the building where the Church staff will pass out some candy. It used to be through the offices but they moved the offices to a different building right down the road to make more room for the Bibleland kids classes (we had so many kids they had to take over another wing to make room for them - I say that's a pretty good thing!) 

Abby also got the proofs for her very first set of class pictures last week. They turned out really cute! I'm excited to get the pictures in the next couple weeks. 

I've started working on my list of what to get for everyone for Christmas and I think I've got ideas for most everyone except for Abby. How is that possible? Besides the power wheels car I'm just not certain what to get her... Any ideas for a 4 year old girl? She's got Barbies and baby dolls. She loves playing with her animals and cars the most right now but has lots of those. 

We started this Fall craft today but haven't finished it yet since we did the painting close to dinner time and I had two tired kids that needed baths after dinner. We'll finish putting it together tomorrow since the paint will be dry. No in progress pictures of this one though as I needed full attention on Micah when it comes to paint! 

That certain 4 year old I was mentioning earlier was also up at 6:30 this morning, add to that an almost 18 month old who only took a 20 minute car nap today - this mama is tired and going to bed early tonight. Sorry no pictures today! Though I did spend some time today setting up an account with a photo lab that has some awesome die-cut cards that I'm super excited to do as Christmas cards this year. Yes I'm already thinking of Christmas cards. Now I just need to take a family photo - but I can't take it and be in it, don't have a tripod and even with a tripod would probably have a hard time doing the shoot myself so I'm going to have to think on that one... 

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