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Friday, October 15, 2010

pumpkin shirts

This morning after dropping Abby off at school Micah and I came home. We would normally head to the gym but the little guy has a green snotty nose. He seems to be feeling fine but I wanted to be sure and I don't like the idea of spreading germs if he is indeed sick. He's been fine since this morning so we'll be back at the gym tomorrow for the body combat 45 launch. I'm excited about new body combat tracks! 

Micah was in a great mood so we put Babies  on the tv and I brought my laptop, the silhouette and the printer downstairs so I could craft. Micah happily played and watched the babies on the tv a little while snacking on some grapes. He even seemed to talk back to some of them. The documentary was pretty cute (the parts I watched while I wasn't crafting!) I plan on watching it again with Abby so I can see the whole thing when we get a chance. 

Mainly though I had a project I was excited to do. The silhouette has such awesome features I was excited to try out more than just the paper cutting feature that I've used so far. One of those features is a print and cut feature. You can print out the shape you want then load it into the silhouette and cut it out. Not only that but you can do this on printable iron on transfer paper. What's that for you ask? For ironing on t-shirts. I ordered some of the paper and was excited to use it. 

I designed my image on the silhouette, mirrored it then printed it onto the transfer paper. Then I cut out the design and ironed it onto the white t-shirts I got for the kids. I've seen similar design ideas before but those are generally more than I like to pay for halloween shirts - especially when you have to get two of them. These worked much more easily into the budget (once you already have the silhouette machine - thanks for sharing with me mom!)
I think they turned out pretty cute - especially for my first go at using this iron on transfer material. I learned a few things I think will help for next time but I'm quite happy with them. Beau didn't realize I had made these until I told him so I think that's a good thing... unless it's just because he's male and couldn't tell the difference anyway. 


stephanie rizzo said...

these are adorable...i wouldn't have guessed you made them either...so cute, i think you could make all different sorts of shirts like this and sell these to your friend:0)i think they would totally buy them!like me of course, and ash and susy

Reese&Saige said...

Love the shirts!!

Anonymous said...

So Cute!!!

Reese&Saige said...

Love the shirts!!