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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This morning my little loves and I headed out to a pumpkin patch at a local Church. By 'patch' I clearly mean pumpkins placed on the ground to make a pumpkin patch of course. When we got there Abby took off - she was so excited. Micah of course was excited as well but we all followed Abby around since she was going, going and going trying to see everything! One of the first things that caught Abby's attention was the saddle placed on a hay bale to sit on. She climbed right on and wanted her picture taken.  
Micah wanted a turn as well of course! (Aww... he still looks like my baby here!)
Then they were off again to wander run through the rows of pumpkins! 
Abby also found some hay bales that she had to play on. 
And jump off of... 

Look at that handsome little man! (His pants didn't want to stay up around his tiny waist - he still is my itty bitty!)
Abby love love loved this tractor. It wasn't too heavy so she tried to pick it up and pretend to take it with her to 'drive.'             
It's incredibly tricky to get both kids to look at me at the same time! Especially with so many new exciting things to look at in a new location! 
And another one of my handsome little guy. (If only I was skilled enough in photoshop to edit out the runny nose!)

Of course we had to pick out some pumpkins to take home with us. We got some tiny pumpkins and a couple little pumpkins. 
Abby loved picking out the pumpkins and did a fabulous job at it! 
All in all it was a wonderful trip to the pumpkin patch and we had a great time! We might even go back to play in the pumpkins some more! 


1 comment :

Kim said...

Great pictures! That pumpkin patch looks amazing, and I lovelovelove their shirts. You really did an amazing job!