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Friday, October 29, 2010

preschool halloween parade and party

Today was Abby's first ever school party. Everyone was invited to wear their costumes to school today. Abby wasn't super thrilled with me taking her picture -  but she was excited to wear her costume despite the face she is making! (Fabulous cape made by my mom! The kids love them but rarely stand still enough for me to get a good picture of them in them! Hoping to get some good ones of them on Halloween!)
The morning started with a parade of all the classes in front of the parents so the kids could 'trick-or-treat' and show off their costumes. Abby took some time to warm up to the parade - it was a little overwhelming with all the parents sitting around the upstairs and all the kids sitting with their classes in the middle. Lots of kids in costume and lots of noise - I don't blame her that's a lot to take in first thing in the morning! She got into it after a minute and was very happy to show off the candy she got when I said good-bye to her.
(color is a little off - not the greatest lighting :( ) 

Abby with her class - but she wouldn't look my way - too many cameras to choose from and too many other things to look at! 

Then in the afternoon I went back up to the school to put together the class party. I worked with two other mama's and we fixed up a nice lunch for the class (sandwiches cut into pumpkin shapes, fruit, chex mix and goldfish, apple juice with some fun pumpkin straws) Good thing they don't know any better and don't realize that some of the other classes planned more fun party food like pizza for their parties! After they were done eating Mrs. Ham read the class a story while we set up the crafts we had planned. Micah joined right in with the big kids to hear the story! Can you spy Abby? (Micah's pretty easy to spot!)
The kids did a handprint spider craft with black paint - which they seemed to enjoy - but I took no pictures of because I don't dare take a hand off Micah while paint is out! (Though you can kind of see them in the background of the picture!) Then we turned attention to cookie decorating! Yum! 

Then we cleaned up and headed home to let a very tired little man get a nap. I think Abby and the rest of the class had a great time at the party and I'm happy it seemed to go smoothly! 

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