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Friday, October 08, 2010

Joys of fall - swinging!

One of the many joys of the nice fall weather (and again by fall I mean it's not so hot you sweat the minute you go outside) is that we can truly enjoy spending lots and lots of time in the backyard swinging. Over the summer while it was so hot even Abby wouldn't want to be outside for more than 5 minutes on the swing set without wanting to go back inside with pink cheeks saying it was too hot. Now we can spend hours swinging and sliding in the backyard! 
Micah is big enough now to play along with Abby - with a little help of course. Abby wanted to see-saw with Micah so we were able to make it work. 
Maybe by next year spring he'll have gained enough weight to be able to see-saw without lots of help to balance out the weight? 
By part Micah's favorite part of the swing set is the slide. Generally Abby isn't a huge fan of the slide - she'd much rather be swinging or on the see-saw if she's got someone to see-saw with. However since Micah was playing on the slide she had to join in with him! 
Micah figured out that he could climb up the slide all by himself. He didn't even attempt the ladder and just climbed right up the slide. 

When he got to the top he'd do one of two things - either stand up there and turn himself around to slide down facing forwards. 
Or he'd hang on and slide down on his tummy. 

With both kids wanting to play on the slide we'd have occasional traffic jams. 
Then between slides and swinging we'd hear and catch sight of an airplane. Abby took that opportunity to be an airplane herself running around the backyard flying. 
We are loving fall! 

1 comment :

Angie said...

Your kids are so cute. We too have really enjoyed playing outside since the weather is nicer. We love fall :)