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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hand Print Spider Craft

We haven't been too crafty here in this past month (though Abby's done plenty in school and Bibleland - I'm going to have to add more wire and get more clothespins before I can add anymore of her projects) In the months before that it has been difficult to both help with the craft and take pictures so I haven't blogged many of the crafts we've done since I had to help keep little hands from making a disaster! Micah is really showing interest in doing crafts recently and so I'm excited to start blogging more of our crafts! 

My friend Kim (the uber talented photographer who took Abby's pictures in March '09) has a blog full of super creative art projects. It's totally worth the click to check out her blog. She's amazingly talented! I'm totally borrowing some lots of her creative crafts she's found to do with Abby and Micah. Starting with this one - a handprint spider craft. 

This is a pretty simple project that didn't require anything we didn't already have in our craft box. 

We started with tracing Abby's hands (minus the thumbs since a spider only has 8 legs) onto some construction paper. Then Abby painted the cutout handprints and a flattened toilet paper tube with paint. She picked purple paint since it matched her purple dress (she's big into matching!)

Once the paint was dry we glued the hands onto the back of the toilet paper roll. Then glued a bunch of eyes onto the spider. 

Abby was very excited about her spider. She even decided she was going to name her "Callie" which is one of her very favorite names to use with things she loves. (She also has one of her many stuffed dogs named Callie)
After we were finished Abby asked to do another craft - so I take that as she really enjoyed it and reminded me (yet again!) of how much she loves crafts and that we need to do more of them at home and not just leave it to preschool to do them! Thanks again Kim for the wonderful ideas! 

In case you are wanting to do this project here is what you'll need: 

- empty, flattened and glued/stapled shut toilet paper roll
- construction paper
- pencil/pen (to trace hands)
- scissors (to cut out handprints)
- paint
- goggly eyes 
- glue


Kim said...

So cute! She looks so happy with her spider creation. :)

Thanks for the shout-out. *hug*

stephanie rizzo said...

totally going to do this with the boys