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Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween shirts {preview and semi-tutorial}

Tonight I made the final part of Abby and Micah's halloween costume. Abby gets to wear hers today to preschool and they'll have a parade in the morning and a party in the afternoon.

First I designed the shirts using the Silhouette program. However my printer decided to go berserk and have an imaginary paper jam that Beau couldn't fix so thankfully Grandma helped us out and I printed out the design on the iron on transfer paper on the printer at her house. Then after the kids went to bed I took the printed design and used the Silhouette cutter to cut around the designs to remove all the excess iron on transfer paper.

Then  I removed the excess iron-on that wasn't part of the design. It removes easily and perfectly from around the printed design because of how wonderfully the Silhouette cuts - it can read the registration marks printed on the paper so it knows exactly where to cut after you've printed out the design on to the paper. I placed the design on the shirt, covered with a kitchen towel and ironed it on to the shirt. 
Once the iron-ons had cooled off I peeled off the paper backing and voila. I had a little issue with the edges not coming up cleanly in some areas. On Abby's it's less visible and just little parts around the edge. Micah's had a little bigger issue in one corner but just in that one corner. 

I hope these will hold up a little better than the pumpkin shirts did. 


Kim said...

Very cute, Katie! What happened with the pumpkin ones? Did the applique come off in the wash?

Katie said...

The pumpkin ones got pretty crackly - it's still there just looks like I used crackle paint on them. It's not smooth. I ironed these on a longer this time and I'm hoping that did the trick so they hold up better. Abby wore hers to school today and it still looked good by the time she changed (the girl has to change like 5 times a day and always almost as soon as she gets home from school) so I'm hoping that did the trick.

Kim said...

Very cute, Katie! What happened with the pumpkin ones? Did the applique come off in the wash?