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Saturday, October 02, 2010

girls night out... and more

Last night I had a wonderful, much needed by all, girls night out with my sweet sweet friends. We met at the mall and had pedicures. It was wonderful to be able to sit and chat while we got our feet pampered. Massages and full pampering would be nice but we wouldn't be able to chat while doing that now would we? It would have been a little nicer if they had been able to get all of us done at the same time (they sure had more than enough chairs to make you think the nail salon would have been a little more staffed!) but it worked out. 
I ended up choosing this lovely color for my toes. It's a bit of a change from the normal pinks or reds that I usually do but I was in the mood for something with a little more 'fall' feeling too it. This color is called 'Ski Teal You Drop' by OPI. I'm liking it - different but pretty. After our feet were fully pampered and dry we had a quick dessert at the Starbucks cafe in the nearby bookstore. Then some of us (me included) had to end the night to be able to get back to the little ones. 

Today the kids and I hung out, cleaned a little, worked in the church nursery and had a pretty low-key day. We did have a special dessert (after lunch since I knew dinner would be quick once we got home from church.) 
I made homemade (read - yummy!) whipped cream to go on top of our strawberries. See healthy but still can be called dessert! Both kids seemed to enjoy it. Micah of course made a mess of his but he ate just about every bite of his plus some of both mine and Abby's. A little whipped cream ought to add some weight to my itty bitty right? 

We napped/worked in the church nursery through the LSU football game tonight. I think I'm happy that I wasn't watching that last quarter of the game from the final score and game re-cap! I'm glad we won but I think everyone is talking more and more like Beau has been talking this whole football season "is it possible to fire a coach despite the undefeated record?" These nail biter final quarters are really not something I want to watch every game this season! 


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