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Saturday, October 23, 2010

game day: LSU vs Auburn

Today we mostly spent a lazy day at home. Abby has a cough and she coughed all night and through the morning to the point where it caused her to throw up. My poor girly! We finished up our fall leaves craft (idea from my favorite craft blog Learn.Create.Love) that we started yesterday.  I managed to get a few pictures after I helped Micah glue his leaves on. 

Then once he was done he of course wanted to be in the center of everything. My little monkey. I think I need to take the green chairs away from the kitchen table because they are just too easy for him to climb up into and on to the table. He's usually trying to get the pumpkins from my pretty green bowl.
Abby enjoyed glueing her letters and leaves down while Micah and I cleaned up - well I cleaned and removed him from the table several times. 

{Materials: cardstock, pencil, paint, leaves, glue}

After naptime we settled in to play in the living room and watch the football game. Since neither child really wanted to eat lunch (Micah threw not one but two bowls of yogurt off his tray on to the floor today - guess he really didn't want it despite the 'yes' he responded when I asked him if he wanted some) we had an early dinner of pizza. That may negate my hard work I put in at bootcamp and body combat this week but it was yummy. I felt it was good football watching food - especially since Beau wasn't home to do something like burgers. Besides Tiger Stadium used to sell pizza so it's just like being at the game right? 
The outcome outcome of the game wasn't what we had hoped but we had a pretty good afternoon playing and semi-watching the game (I am a girl after all and was playing with two active kiddos!) Micah knew we were watching football and did his touchdown arms but never for the camera - I'll have to try and get him on video in two weeks when we play Alabama. 

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